Adios, Guantanamo

Guantanamo t-shirt President Obama’s Inaugural speech spoke both of bold and swift action, as well as a promise to align our nation’s protection with the ideals that underpin American society.

In that spirit, the President ordered the closing of the Guantanamo Bay prison within a year.  He also ordered a review of military trials and interrogation methods, noting that the government would continue to fight terror without abandoning American “values and ideals.”

Guantanamo has been a hot-button issue since its 2002 inception; our own catalogue has a variety of Guantanamo t-shirts, the vast majority of which align with the new President’s stated ideology behind its closure.

alcatraz guantanamo tshirtThe controversy surrounding the Guantanamo Bay Detention Camp will now most likely shift to the wisdom in its shuttering and the question of what to do with the prisoners, some of whom may be potential or previous terrorists.  Gitmo houses 245 prisoners; most of them have been held for years without an official charge or trial.  Complaints of abuse have been rampant, and one can only assume that those who weren’t guilty of terrorist activity aren’t likely to be feeling warm and fuzzy towards the United States after being imprisoned for the past several years.

hot potato tshirtMany agree that the key to this difficult task is finding foreign nations to absorb many of the detainees.  Switzerland has offered up agreement to take some of the prisoners, while other nations have been more reluctant to cooperate – some  simply deny that a particular prisoner is a citizen, and others just don’t want them back.  Overall, Europe is thus far the most vocally supportive partner in the Obama effort to honor his pre-Inaugural promise to end the Gitmo era.

So: should Gitmo be closed?  Should the prisoners be released?  Should a World Court be set up so that we can globally partner to prosecute suspected terrorists and war criminals in a manner that’s consistent with maintaining basic human rights and the ideals of civilized societies?  Or is it too much of a risk to try to maintain these ideals with people who, by nature of the definition of “terrorist,” don’t share them?

All these questions and more are up for serious debate.  Feel free to state your own opinion – whether here or via a t-shirt.

  1. Wonderful. He will dismantle the strategies that kept us safe for years. Islamic terrorists must be giggling themselves silly at our suicidal self righteous sound biting.
    Reality—US Marines will kill them in the battlefield versus capturing. Why fight the monster twice ?
    Our ideals ? Too funny. Voter fraud and corruption are the norm in the Dem Party. Preaching ‘ideals’ and ‘values’ to the public. Meanwhile the Dem Party is socializing the country. Planting and securing good little voters for future elections….

  2. 61 Gitmo prisoners released have already returned to the fight and I believe there is one case where they’ve killed our soldiers. Closing Gitmo will result in basically granting them Constitutional rights to our courts. Now because they were picked up on a battle field, they will never go to trial and will be released somewhere with the freedom to kill us again. Closing Gitmo is the act of a fool! I do have a couple of bumper stickers regarding this and will likely add some more soon.

  3. I hope you are celebrating as much when one of these terrorists turnsup on the battlefield or in California and people you know die.

    They are terrorists, they are trying to kill you and I.

  4. Keep in mind that a majority of the inmates have been processed over the last few years and returned to their previous country, either in jail or house arrest, and some unfortunately back into terrorist networks.

    The people who are left are either the worst of the worst and their country does not want them and do not have resources to keep them detained or will face political persecution if sent back. So in some cases, Guantanamo is keeping these guys safe from the hell their home country would put them through.

    All in all, Obama is over politicizing this. An order to close it within a year… all but a handful of inmates would have been gone in a year anyway.

  5. I hate Obama.

    However, what’s more disgusting than his policies that will likely destroy us is the complete abandonment of the legal principles we built this country on.

    You people who support gitmo, the secret courts, the holding people without trial – are idiots. You are the people that let the terrorists win. They destroyed our free society and destroyed our economy. The end.

    See you guys in the next great Republic.

  6. “The Obama administration warned the US public yesterday to brace itself for an increase in American casualties as it prepares to step up the fight against al-Qaida and the Taliban in Afghanistan and the border regions of Pakistan.

    Against a background of widespread protests in Pakistan and Afghanistan over US operations since Obama became president, the vice-president, Joe Biden, said yesterday that US forces would be engaged in many more operations as the US takes the fight to its enemies in the region.

    The Obama administration is to double the number of US troops in Afghanistan to 60,000 and when asked in a television interview if the US public should expect more American casualties, Biden said: “I hate to say it, but yes, I think there will be. There will be an uptick.”


  7. And how are we to fight and protect ourselves while adhering to “the legal principles we built this country on” when the enemy does not abide by the same conditions? They behead our soldiers and civilians, we give them three hots and a cot with shelter, better accommodations than the caves they were raised in. I don’t believe in torture, but I do believe in common sense. Lock them up and keep them locked up. If you can’t get behind that, prepare to defend yourself from those you wish to have the freedom to kill you and endless other Americans.

    Change terrorists can believe in, Hope for a better future for radicals. Americans locked up for DUI’s and smoking weed will now have worse terms of incarceration than blood thirsty terrorists, who’s goal in life is to die killing Americans. And they wont stop because Obama was nice enough to let them go.

  8. Gitmo is closing…but NO TERRORISIST WILL BE FREED..Please know that.Obama is not letting them go. Closing Gitmo is a step toward the entire world taking the responsibility fighting terrorism,not just US.We will actually be safer.

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