Gong he fat choy!

Chinese new year oxOr, as we say in English, Happy New Year!

The Chinese New Year begins today; appropriately, this year is the year of the Ox, which represents prosperity through hard work and perseverance.  Indeed, it was the diligent Ox who carried the Rat to victory in the legend of the Chinese Zodiac.  (He also carried the Cat, but the Rat pushed the Cat into the river.  No wonder cats don’t like water.  Or rats.)

year of the ox t-shirtsGiven the global economic crisis, it seems appropriate that we’re ushering in a Chinese New Year symbolized by a strong, resilient working animal meant to carry heavy burdens.  (Good thing it’s not the year of the Rooster.)  The Chinese are finding hope in the bullish New Year, with a focus on the Ox’s success through loyalty and tenacity.

So as we begin this new lunar cycle, we leave you with words of wisdom from Confucius that go nicely with the Year of the Ox theme: “It does not matter how slowly you go so long as you do not stop.”

fortune cookie bibSpeaking of which, that quote would also make for a nice fortune cookie this year.  (Though arguably the best fortune to ever be birthed from a cookie is: “Help! I’m stuck in a fortune cookie factory,” that fortune is probably more relevant for the Year of the Rat.)

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