Yankee doodle dandy

obama doodleIt’s no secret that Obama is a comic book fan – but his mad skills as a mediocre doodler went virtually unnoticed until he donated a sketch to the nonprofit Neurofibromatosis, Inc‘s National Doodle Day.

The sketch, at left, features a pretty good representation of Dianne Feinstein and Ted Kennedy, as well as two men who – were this a police sketch – might be mistaken for Anderson Cooper and Alan Rickman.  In the background we see some sort of official government seal (inspiration for the short-lived Obama seal?) as well as some… um, rainclouds?  Which is to say that the new President shouldn’t quit his day job just yet.  (The two in question are actually Senators Chuck Schumer and Harry Reid.  What the rainclouds represent is, as is so often the case in art, open to subjective interpretation.)

obama doodle framed printThe Obama doodle was purchased at a 2007 online charity auction to benefit Neurofibromatosis, Inc.  Since that time, the owner of the sketch has said he’ll turn down offers to purchase it.

Instead, he’s set up an Obama Doodle shop to help raise money for NF, Inc. So if you’re into unique Obama memorabilia and/or want to inspire a young child with marginal artistic skill toward a future in politicis, this may be just the thing for you.

  1. I bet that the “rainclouds” are pillars. That would make political-architecture sense. But then again…subjective interpretation. They could be shower heads…

  2. What lookslike rainclouds to you look like the roman style columns which hold up a number of government buildings. ‘Just my 2 cents and nothing more.

  3. They don’t look like rain clouds to me, would have to go with pillars you see on these goverment buildings..go Mr President..good artwork.

  4. It looks like they’re all in a shower. But they probably aren’t. Upon closer examination those appear to be columns.

  5. yeah, I say Romanesque columns. I also say he signed it in differently-colored ink later, after he decided to donate it. Who signs a doodle as a matter of course, right?

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