Blagojevich impeached To perhaps nobody’s surprise but his own, disgraced Illinois Governor Rod Blagojevich was soundly impeached on Thursday by a 59-0 Senate vote that also prevents him from ever holding public office in the state of Illinois.  Former Lieutenant Governor Pat Quinn, who’s taken his place, summed it up with four words: “The ordeal is over.”

bye bye blagojevichBlagojevich has maintained his innocence throughout his arrest, investigation and both House and Senate impeachments.  He also boycotted the first three days of his own impeachment trial, preferring to be tried by the court of Larry King instead.

Blagojevich has been a popular subject with our community; the folks had a shop long before his arrest, and as his tenure in office continued we saw the general public add their voices to the conversation.  All in all 25,000 Blagojevich products have been created, most of which aren’t t-shirts he’s likely to wear to a family reunion.

Rod Blagojevich Er… then again, perhaps he would wear it.  The man does seem to live in a Bizarro world, where “sucks” means “is AWESOME!” and “impeachment trial” means “irrelevant meeting” and “taped evidence” means “candy.”

With 3 of the last 7 Illinois Governors landing in the Big House, Blagojevich – still charged with wire fraud and bribery – has the dubious honor of potentially bringing that statistic to 4 of the last 8 – a 50% conviction rate.  What this means for the young hooligans of Illinois: avoid public office, kids.  You’re best off sticking to graffiti and petty theft.blagojevich prison t-shirt

And so the Blagojevich scandal comes to an end, of sorts.  What the future holds for him and his closely-guarded coiffure is now up to the legal system.

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