Watch the wagging tight end…

pit bull puppiesSuperbowl Sunday is upon us.  And as a great number of Americans prepare to barbeque and drink great quantities of beer with their friends and family, some family members will be feeling left out – literally and figuratively.

Most notably, the dogs tend to get the short end of the stick on Superbowl Sunday.  Left at home to fend for themselves for hours on end while you cavort and cheer and watch incredibly expensive advertising, your dogs dread Superbowl Sunday the same way that kids dread that first day of school.

But never fear – there is a solution!

Puppy Bowl t-shirtPuppy Bowl V airs on Animal Planet during the Superbowl, a panacea for dogs left at home all day and a welcome alternative for the humans of the world who really just don’t care one way or another about football.  With a starting lineup that’s a lot cuter than either Superbowl contender’s, Puppy Bowl is most likely the only Superbowl Sunday broadcast that could actually lower your blood pressure.

This year all Puppy Bowl participants have been plucked from local rescues or animal shelters, proving yet again that with hard work and perseverance, those from the wrong side of the tracks can realize their big dreams on a football field.  If your own canine pal had puppyhood dreams of athletic stardom but never did get the big break, no worries: you can outfit your dog in a Puppy Bowl t-shirt and let those dreams be realized through fandom.

sneaky cat tshirtSo don’t forget to set your recording schedule, and do consider leaving Puppy Bowl on for your canine pals if you’re out of the house for the day.  Just make sure to separate the cats – some of them have been known to start high-stakes gambling pools and fantasy Puppy Bowl leagues, and we don’t want your Lab losing all his stuffed Kongs to the neighbor’s crafty Siamese.

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