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here for the commercials t-shirtSuperbowl Sunday is over, and even with a rising number of folks calling in “sick” on Superbowl Monday, those that braved the early morning sunlight (ugh… so… bright…) will gather around the water cooler to discuss the play-by-play action of some of the more interesting highlights of the game: the commercials.

Despite the economic slump, NBC managed to sell all of its ad time for a record $206 million.  The ads themselves were consciously crafted in consideration of the economic downturn, with a focus on humor, nostalgia and overt discussion of the financial situation.

water cooler in exile tshirtOf course, now that bloggers, social media sites and Twitter allow for real-time discussion of the finer points of the Superbowl ads, the water cooler is becoming a bit So Next Day as a discussion place.  The downside: chatting is less likely to keep you hydrated.  The upside: by the time you get to the water cooler, you’re already armed with links and debated opinions about the topic at hand.

As of this morning, a number of sites have lists and posts of Best Superbowl Ads, Worst Superbowl Ads and Superbowl ads broken down by quarter.  With companies spending $100K per second to air these ads, we decided to see whether we could sum up 3 fan favorites with a $25 or less T-shirt, thus arming anyone on their way to the water cooler with some relevant wardrobe choices.  Here’s what we came up with:

Ask me about investing infant bodysuitfuture analyst bib

Beer is the answer tshirtdumb ideas tshirt

potato head tshirt
backseat driver tshirt

Porn star athletics thong

Another surprise sure to spur some day-after watercooler talk: a surprise broadcast for the fans watching Tuscon’s KVOA-TV.  With less than 3 minutes to play in a tight fourth quarter, the Superbowl was interrupted by an accidental 30-second feed from the porn channel ClubJenna.  Unfortunately for viewers watching with children, this feed was a lot more graphic in nature than the infamous “wardrobe malfunction” of Superbowl XXXVIII and made PETA’s banned “veggie love” ad look like a classroom PSA by comparison.

And so while there were indeed some standout commercials during the 2009 Superbowl, the Fantasy T-Wearer Player of the Game Award goes to Jenna Jameson, founder of ClubJenna.  May the thong underwear at right prevent all future malfunctions of the full frontal view variety.

  1. Did anyone see the commercial with the little boy who canned the air and then ran back home to release it on his grandfathers birthday cake? That boy has the right idea!

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