No love at first bite

Punxsutawney Phil may have a competitor for World’s Best-Known Rodent Weather Prognosticator: Staten Island’s mildly ill-tempered groundhog Charles G. Hogg.

Chuck made headlines on Groundhog Day when he did what few groundhogs are brave enough to even consider: made his political leanings known to the world by chomping the finger of the New York’s Mayor Bloomberg.

Though his disdain for Michael Bloomberg was evident, it’s unclear as to what exactly Chuck finds objectionable about the Mayor.  Perhaps, being a revolutionary, Chuck dislikes politicians of any kind.  Perhaps he finds it offensive that the Mayor, a lifelong Democrat, switched his party to run for office in 2001, then left the Republican party in 2007 to be “unaffiliated.”  Or perhaps Chuck distrusts anyone whose net worth is on par with Vermont’s Gross State Product.

Whatever Chuck’s beef is with the Mayor, he’s not talking.

Then again, Chuck doesn’t need to do the talking.  His human fans are taking up his cause for him, with one Brooklyn supporter starting up a Viva Chuck shop to inspire all rodent revolutionaries and their disciples.

Of course, without opposable thumbs (or fingers of any kind) Chuck did need some assistance in getting merchandise set up for his throng of fervent supporters.

What the future holds for Chuck’s anti-establishment movement is unknown.  What we do know: Chuck likes corn.  So watch out, Iowa.  Chuck may decide that a strategic relocation is in order.

  1. I live in Staten Island, and I couldn’t resist getting two of these shirts. These are a howl! Anyone who can bite Mayor Bloomberg deserves my respect. I can’t wait to see the reactions on people’s faces when they see me wearing my Chuck shirts. Keep up the good work.

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