CafePress goes to Washington

As mentioned previously, the CafePress Ground Crew flew to the 2009 Inauguration to take part in the Obama celebration that had been happening via the almighty T-shirt for the bulk of 2008. With Obama T-shirts and gifts being added to our system at breakneck speed, in 6 months the then-Democratic-not-yet-presumptive-nominee had more t-shirts made about him than George Bush had amassed in 8 years.

Which is to say that, in the world of wearable self-expression, Obama took on the T-shirt primaries with a vengeance and ran with them all the way to the Presidency.

In any case, we hit the ground in D.C. armed (literally) with thousands of free buttons for all the folks who’d showed up from far-flung states and nations to witness history with 2 million of their closest friends.

After recovering from being outside in sub-freezing temperatures for a couple days, we put together this piece as a snapshot of the all the nice folks we encountered during our Inauguration adventures.  Enjoy…

CafePress goes to Washington from CafePress on Vimeo.

Oh – for those of you wondering, we did shoot all this video with the ever-portable Flip Mino HD.  Because bulky video cameras are hard to lug around, and even harder to use on a carousel.

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