Old skool

old school t-shirt80’s retro chic has been back for awhile – heck, designers tried to force us into embracing the Mom Jean fad just last year.  In the T-shirt world, this means that we see a lot of pretty rad 80’s-inspired designs.  We also have some especially sweet retro geek gear, which makes a whole lotta sense: the concept of “geek” as a compu-nerd as opposed to a bug-eating circus performer really took off in the 80’s, with classic movies like “Weird Science” and “16 Candles” and “Real Genius” showcasing the archetype.

Yesterday we stumbled across a video circa 1981, wherein San Francisco’s own KRON investigates the mysterious and sci-fi possibility of actually reading a newspaper on your own computer screen.  Dowloading only takes 2 hours!

Internet is a truckIt’s worth noting that the explanation and use case demonstrated by the dude in the video shows a conceptual understanding of the future Internet that arguably exceeds that of the recently retired Senator Ted Stevens, who – in his own defense – is at the very least aware that the Internet is not a truck.  (And since he was in charge of regulating The Internets, it’s indeed comforting to know that he wasn’t looking to the Department of Transportation for insight.)

Developers do it beta t-shirtSo, in the spirit of geek chic, enjoy a look back at this gem from 1981.  And don’t forget your leg warmers.


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