Noop’s Upside Ya Head

anoop desai t-shirtAmerican Idol is always full of surprises, and this season’s first Vote-Off Results show was no exception.  Some fans were shocked when audition standout Anoop Desai (a.k.a. Noop Dogg) didn’t make the top 3 cut.

Anoop wild card t-shirtsNo worries, though: Anoop is still eligible for a Wild Card spot, and is getting the out there on Noop Dogg T-shirts, buttons and other gear.  Not that we expect Simon to be sporting a Noop Dogg T-shirt, but we do have a new black mens’ fitted T

The format of Idol changed significantly this year.  There are now 3 rounds of preliminary eliminations, in which groups of 12 are voted on by the public to determine which 3 people – one guy, one girl, and the next person with the most votes – move into the final 12 from that group.  (For those disinterested in multiplication: that’s 9 people.)

I heart BBQ apronnoop dogg millionaireThe remaining 3 slots are given out as “Wild Card” spots, and that’s where Anoop’s (and his fans’) hopes lie.  In the meantime, Anoop-crazed voters can keep track of him via his fan site.

Of course, if Anoop doesn’t capture a Wild Card spot he may have a future on the Food Network.  Anyone who can write a 60-page thesis on Southern Barbecue and impress Simon Cowell with a Bobby Brown song may give Bobby Flay a run for his spatula.

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