Marriage is going to the dogs

groom dogA boy in India married a dog recently to prevent tiger attacks – which is arguably a better reason than marrying someone for money or fame or any number of other reasons that folks get married.  And then divorced.

The boy is from the Munda tribe, which feels that any tooth growth before 2 years of age makes an infant prone to being attacked by wild animals.  The marriage was undertaken with the intent to ward off evil spirits.

Dog t-shirt 100% over himNo worries for any potential brides of the human variety: the marriage will not interfere with any future marriage plans.  Or so say the humans; the dog has not been available for public comment.

The male dog in question belonged to the neighbor, and celebrated his big day by ditching out on his new groom to be a gadabout around town.

And so we award this special dog 2 Fantasy T-Wearer Awards, both present and future.  May the shirt above honor his special day, and may the one at right help him cope with the reality that, once his human husband discovers human girls, it’s likely that he’ll be Just Not That Into Him.

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