The Great American Spending Spree

Socialist obama t-shirtObama’s recent spending spree has not exactly lessened the division between liberals and conservatives; in fact, the parties are so bitterly divided over the matter that CNN recalled Hillary Clinton’s sarcastic primary statement about celestial choirs and such.

obama changeDepending on where you stand (and what you wear), Obama is either so dangerously liberal that the next few generations will be paying for his reckelss spending and move towards a bloated and socialist government, or he’s finally changing a collision course by taking timely and bold action to address the current financial crisis facing America.

Tea Party t-shirtOur own catalogue has seen an influx of T-shirts protesting the bailouts and the stimulus package, with one organization calling for public “tea party” protests set to take place this Friday.

The New American Tea Party is a “coalition of concerned citizens” that hopes to spur a grassroots movement throughout the nation in protest of the recent government spending spree.  With local groups actively creating merchandise, it seems that this movement is supported by an activism-minded crowd not afraid to wear it loud in the name of liberty.

So: what do y’all think?

  1. This vacant lot is the most dangerous man we have ever had 1600. The American people have obviously lost their mind. Consider: To enhance national security we want to ban Tiger Woods from carrying his golf clubs on his own plane, but release the savages from Guantanamo Bay. Oh yeah, let’s be sure to give them constitutional rights too, so they’ll like us. But wait, there’s more. Tell ’em what they won Bob: Socialism. Yesss, that failed system of freedom stealing, dream killing, future slavery, is now yours America. Way to go geniuses.

    Sheep; led by fiends

  2. Another rant by a raving lunatic neo-conservative.

    If I want to read your garbage I’ll pick up a copy of the NYPost.

    You’re irrelevant.

  3. My Response to “The Great American Spending Spree”

    I believe, that Obama`s recovery plan is absolutely necessary, as things would get much worse without it. When you drive a big truck into quick sand or a river, you wouldn`t waste your time waiting for the truck to come out all by itself. You need to invest time, patience and money to pull it out again. The Big American Truck is tumbling and needs the same support, and this effort will pay out later.

    Now some folks start speaking of “Socialism” or even “Communism”. These guys really don`t know the difference between the latter two and a “Social Economy”, which is being performed by Obama right now, and which is, in my opinion, the right path on which to move on, especially after all this super-capitalistic disaster, we all can watch since 2007. Extremes are never right, and Communism is one, Capitalism the other. The only reasonable way of governing is a state, that´s more in the middle, free and social at the same time, not too much government, but not too little either, a state which cares for the middle class and the poor people, which all together make 95% of all Americans, and these are the majority of voters. It shouldn`t prefer the super rich 5% minority, which Bush did for eight years. And, what a surprise, Social Economy is nothing new for the United States of America: think back to the 1940ies and Roosevelt`s New Deal, when millions of jobs were created, many new social laws became effective, life improved and all were happy !

    Some other people are afraid of the high costs for the stimulus package. Hey folks, don´t you remember, what Bush did: he made us all believe, that the war in Iraq was necessary because of the alledged “Weapons of Mass Destruction” and some other “reasons”, which later turn out to be lies. He made us pay HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS for it, and so many really useful and necessary projects at home were declined, because all the money streamed into the Iraq War. Then the Economy Crisis came and the banks on Wall Street opened their hands, again receiving HUNDREDS OF BILLIONS OF DOLLARS good tax money to save them, even though it was their own fault. Those managers and speculants with their hegde fonds and short-sighted short-term money investments had just been too greedy, and the Bush government just let them act free and unresponsible until 2007 (crisis, what crisis…?)

    Now that America is facing more and more unemployed people (the unemployment rate is at 7.6% and rising…), and many other urgent problems heaping up, President Barack Obama has offered a very wise and sustainable plan to save the economy, reduce unemployment, introduce a better health care system, improve the environment, help the home-owners in trouble, and so many other real improvements included in this package. And, all this is not ony absolutely necessary, it also can be counter-financed by deleting some less necessary projects. For example by not purchasing the newest war plane technologies and tank systems, which alone would save the American tax payer about 1200 BILLION DOLLARS, compared to the 787 BILLION DOLLARS of the Obama Stimulus Package ! (hey, there is even money left over…!) – Here I ask you, what´s more important, the above mentioned issues, or that shiny warfare ? – Or do you need a tank in your garden ?

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