Fat Tuesday

Fat Tuesday t-shirtsFat Tuesday is upon us, giving everyone a nice excuse to engage in a day of gluttony in full New Orleans style.

It also gives a lot of people an excuse to stumble around Bourbon Street in various states of accessories and undress, and of course no Mardis Gras would be complete without a few Hurricanes and a lot of King cake being consumed.
new orleans

In recent years, Mardis Gras has become a time to celebrate the rebuilding and rebirth of New Orleans in the aftermath of Hurricane Katrina.  It’s also a time to help rebuild new Orleans by donating your spending money toward the betterment of the city.  (Read: you can justify your third Hurricane at Pat O’Brien’s.)

Show me your boobs t-shirtSo if you’re out there baring yourself for beads or giving them away for an eyeful, just remember: it’s all in the name of a good cause.  You can give up public nudity (or the solicitation of it) for Lent.

  1. cool…i still am new at trying to sell stuff here

    i have performed and been to Pat O’briens in New Orleans in late 1990’s for the CUTTING EDGE Music festival!

  2. I gave all my beads away, I had collected during the Mardi Gras 1984, which was a great event, but kept those unforgettable memories in my mind and on slides. From those pictures I generated some of my Mardi Gras designs for CafePress…

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