Nobody messes with Joe

nobody messes with joe t-shirtPresident Obama addressed Congress last night to drive home the message that his stimulus package, while huge, is the reponse needed to address the huge crises before us.

The speech focused on the individual people to be helped by the plan, and held up certain small-town heroes that embody the spirit of this plan.  Which is to say that Obama has his own “Joe the Plumber” – i.e. Leonard the Banker, who gave away his $60 million bonus to his staff.

Proud American t-shirtThe night was full of frequent and thunderous applause, with Joe Biden being the recipient of a particularly enthusiastic bout when Obama listed him as The Plan Enforcer with the bold statement that “Nobody messes with Joe.”

The stimulus plan in general was portrayed as a necessary course correction that will help steer America toward a brighter and more prosperous future.  Overall, Obama’s address focused heavily on the ambitious, long-term goals of the nation that hearkened back to the Inaugural message: America is ready to lead once more.

The other main points in the speech can be summed up with the following T-shirts:

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lower the maximum wage t-shirt education t-shirt

Keep the change t-shirt end war t-shirtSUV t-shirtforeign oil t-shirtbush defecit mapcorporate greed t-shirtbroke to get healthywar profiteerTerrorizing cannot end terrorism t-shirtmiddle class squeeze

  1. Is that the “Joe” who said it’s all about that “3” letter word J-O-B-S- ? Also the Joe who said he forgot the “number” of his website?

  2. This is not a stimulus bill! It provides very little return on investment. They are temporary jobs at best and they go to union workers first! It’s really a Democrat supporter payoff bill. We would have been much better off building about 60 nuclear power plants with the money! Continuing to print or borrow this kind of money is unsustainable. Did you hear his speech Tuesday night? He’s going to give away everything for free and he thinks the richest 2% are going to pay for it. It won’t be enough and it’ll never be enough! The rich will either leave, close up shop, or pass the additional cost down to you! Obama is doing the exact opposite of what needs to be done to save this economy. His policies will completely destroy the economy. We are headed for disaster! Mark my words!

  3. Gosh.. If spending a few trillion that we don’t have will help the economy…Why not spend a hundred trillion and make us all rich? (YeeeeHaw!…I’m gonna fix the debt on my credit cards by going out and charging a whole lot more!!)

  4. This so call savior has already got a ticket out when he does fail. After he was elected made a statement blaming everything on Bush and that he might not be able to pull America out during his term. I am glad he is confident. Two, this so call stimulus package is nothing more than to bring our economy down so that they can instill the Amero. And three, when we get into financial trouble because we do not have a job anymore, who is going to bail us out? Yeah nobody messes with Joe! I agree we are heading down the wrong road.

  5. I heard that the effect of the “stimulus” will add $25 to the checks for the unemployed, and only $13 for those who work. So, which behavior is being encouraged? The design of the “tax cuts to the middle class” is to make the middle class dependent on government instead of themselves, so that they will vote Democrat into the future. If government health care is enacted, our country is lost. Less people will choose to be doctors, – what if McDonald’s offered free hamburgers? The line would be around the block. Same with health care – this is going cause rationing – and your parents or grandparents will be the first to be denied. Someday it will be YOU!

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