It’s me or the cupcakes

Stains the HypnodogFans of “It’s Me or the Dog” will remember Stains the Hypnodog, who made such an impression on his television debut that he was featured on “The Soup” as well.

If you haven’t seen the show: “It’s Me or the Dog” is essentially the canine version of Supernanny, give or take a leash.

stains the hypnodogStains the Hypnodog was featured hanging tough in a training exercise wherein British dog trainer Victoria Stilwell held a plate of cupcakes in front of him to teach him about self-control.

Stains’ pained, hypnotic gaze made him an instant hit with fans, most of whom would probably give a similar look if some random British lady invaded their household, stuck a plate of cupcakes in front of their noses and then told them they couldn’t have any with a clipped “AWAY!” command.

funny diet t-shirtAnd so this episode illustrates both how to deal with a dog who sneaks human food, and why Victoria Stilwell is not the host of “The Biggest Loser.”

i eat carbs dog t-shirtWhile the counter-surfing Stains didn’t get to eat a cupcake that day, things are looking up for him: he has his own website now, and his human parents have created an online Stains shop for him as well.

Stains himself is the recipient of a Fantasy T-Wearer award today, with the “I Eat Carbs” shirt at right.

For those of you who didn’t get to see this classic canine moment, here it is.  Disclaimer: no dogs or cupcakes were harmed during the filming of this episode, but a sandwich was horribly maimed.

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