The end of the tunnel

Stop Wars t-shirtPresident Obama made a pledge today to end the Iraq war by August 31st, 2010, with his “highest priority” being the safety of both troops and civilians.  In a speech at Camp Lejeune, Obama announced a plan to withdraw the bulk of American combat troops by next summer.  The remaining 35 – 50,000 troops will stay to help support the Iraqi government and its Security Forces.

iraq war t-shirtThe Iraq war has been a bitterly debated topic since its inception; our own catalogue has 1.4 million Iraq T-shirts and other products, with the primary theme being sharp criticism of the Bush administration and the war itself.

A larger theme even than Iraq, though, is the overwhelming display of troop supportTroop t-shirts and gifts outnumber the Iraq topic with almost twice as many creations, with 2.3 million troop products created by their friends, family and supporters.

troop support t-shirtThe Iraq war has taught us many lessons, and the T-shirts have taught us this: while people may vehemently disagree as to how or why or whether the war in Iraq should end, it would seem that one topic that unites us is the respect and support we have for our American soldiers.

  1. I recall during the campaign, he said he would remove our troops the day after the inuguration. Even after August 31st, 2010, 50,000 troops will remain.

    I’m glad everyone supports the troops, however, if I were terrorist, or the countries of Iran or Syria, I would sit back, gather my weapons and wait until September 1st, 2010. This same withdrawal could have been acomplished quietly without setting a date! Never tell the enemy what you’re going to do! It’s foolish! It will cost more American lives! It’s a mistake and Obama only announced a date to please those who demand it!

  2. in response to the last comment…are you serious? the troops are doing there job…they pretty much volunteer to risk there lives everyday for the sake of this country and you have the nerve to say war is there fault? where have you been? Also this president says hes going to end war in Iraq!! exciting what he fails to mention as we are ending the war with Iraq Thousands of troops are packing up and heading to Afganastan!!! I’m not for war but I support our troops!

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