Like a Rolling Stone…

Bono rolling stone coverWe all know that Rolling Stone is one of the most iconic names in American journalism, and no wonder: the first magazine to engage cultural trendsetters with its blend of music, politics and pop culture, Rolling Stone came of age alongside the new Rock ‘n Roll movement that shaped a generation throughout the late 1960’s and early ’70’s.

rolling stone john lennon cover printIn 2007, Rolling Stone celebrated the 40th anniversary of its landmark inaugural issue, which featured a controversial cover of the famously anti-war John Lennon in a pith helmet.

Rolling Stone Founder and Editor Jann Wenner – still with the magazine – has always held true to the vision that “Rolling Stone is not just about music, but also about the things and attitudes that music embraces.”  Wenner focuses on blending work from best-in-breed artists around the globe – musicians, writer and photographers alike – to create a magazine that stands the test of time as both cultural barometer and icon.

Beatles cover Rolling Stone printRolling Stone is, at its heart, a lifestyle magazine.  Through a look back at its covers we see a colorful reflection of the American consciousness and public discourse over the past four decades.  The archive of photography is a story of both Rock and Roll and American history, and now it’s available on high-quality prints and posters in the Rolling Stone shop.

The collection is diverse, colorful and has something for just about everyone.  From Charles Manson to a young Oscar-winning Tatum O’Neal to the Beatles (at different stages of hair length, clothing choices and cooperation), the collection is an interesting and colorful way to look back at American history and remember what got us to today.

In checking out this snapshot of American history I found the cover at right, and figured I’d share a little-known factoid that it jogged in my memory: the song “Martha, My Dear” (of The White Album) was written about Paul McCartney’s sheepdog, Martha.

So there you have it.  Rolling Stone album covers: not just cool wall art, but better than an encyclopedia.

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