Road rage

Bumper sticker activism is a great American pastime, and for 8 years we’ve watched as anti-Bush sentiment adorned the often coastal-cruising bumpers ’round the nation.  From “Somewhere in Texas” to various plays on the W, the anti-Bush bumper sticker movement was a phenomenon that decorated the worldly possessions of outraged anti-war, anti-SUV and generally anti-W liberals throughout the Bush administration.

obama jesus fish stickerWe wondered what would happen when the W era ended, and the answer is here: move over, hybrids.  There’s a new bumper in town, and it’s focused on a different letter of the alphabet.

Anti-Obama stickers have exploded in the weeks since the stimulus package passed, with numbers that have them about even with the anti-Bush legacy.  While Obama does yield considerably more positive results than a Bush search, the overall anti-Obama sentiment is still impressive in its newfound volume.

anti-obama bumper stickerstrickle-up poverty stickerMost the anti-Obama stickers center around the stimulus package issues, with the more strident accusing the President of socialism or communism.  This is in-line with the anti-Bush sticker consciousness, which started with policy-driven insults and progressed to summary digs about the President’s intelligence.  Whether the anti-Obama sentiments will move beyond socialism and focus on a more singular, generalized perceived personal flaw has yet to be determined.

communist obama stickerWhat we know for now is that the conservative SUV-drivers of the nation seem to be taking advantage of having a good amount of prime real estate to showcase their outrage.  And with gas prices down, we can only assume that you’ll be seeing a lot of these micro-billboards cruising around on a highway near you.

  1. I saw a dramatic drop in anti Obama sales about a week after the election… down to next to nothing during December… then a slight uptick in January and an explosion… almost to pre-election levels… mid way through February. If this keeps up I may be able to quit my day job. Thanks CafePress!

  2. Westerberg, if the media picks up your story it’ll be reported as ‘Obama (you must praise the ground he works on) is responsible for employing (bumper sticker) manufacturing workers”

    What am I saying… Stop the sham. You’re going to write and post the article on the front page yourself.

  3. Wow. The only reason I’m commenting is because I am pro-Obama (he rocks!). Since he’s already president, all that your bumper stickers are showing is that 1. you have no confidence in the U.S. and 2. that you’re very stubborn.
    I would really like to see see some Obama-positive comments here…WHY aren’t there any? Any way, I’m new to cafepress, but I have confidence that not all of you are anti-Obama.

  4. Maybe the tent city folks in Sacramento, you know the ones that have been kicked out of their homes while Obama gives billions to billionaires, maybe if we got them some laptops they could get a signal and leave some pro-Obama comments.

  5. I am selling an increasing amount of anti-obama merchandise. It’s great!

    I used to sell mostly pro-Bush.

    It’s nice to see that not everyone had had the Obama kool-aid.

  6. I guess people are just starting to get fed up with his inability to instill a little confidence in the banks while adding more to the national debt than all the previous presidents COMBINED…

    You can see a perfect example of it… keyword searches for “anti obama” prior to and leading up to the election used to max out at around 4 to 5 thousand per day… today “anti obama” key word serches are closer to 50 thousand a day…

  7. Hey, who left us in this epically disasterous financial and military mess? President Cheney et al. And who supported that regime? The fools who bought the pro Bush-league stickers — the same idots buying the anti-O stickers now. How colossally stupid.

  8. This mess was 8 years in the making. Funny that the Republicans expect Obama to clean it up in 8 weeks. And you accuse the Democrats of viewing him as a Messiah?

    Silly conservatives.

  9. Hey… I’m just talking about what sells… which is what this blog was about… I also sell pro Obama stuff… but guess what… nobody’s buying… I think the Kool-Aid is wearing off…

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