As gay as a May ruling

gay marriageCalifornia made headlines today when the Supreme Court overturned the gay marriage ban.

The timing is an echo of the period leading up to the 2004 election, when San Francisco legalized gay marriage and started a fevered national dialogue over the issue.

While we’ve always had a healthy amount of gay/lesbian merchandise, 2004 was the year that we really saw an explosion of content around the gay marriage debate, with both pro and anti-gay marriage designs flooding into the system.

At present, the gay marriage and civil union supporters are out-dressing the anti gay marrige folks in numbers; the gay marriage vs. anti gay marriage search is 107,000 vs. 18,000.

An interesting sidenote is the “family values” search, which would indicate that those on both sides of the gay marriage debate are claiming family values as part of their cause.

Will California’s controversial ruling cause another frenzied national debate on the issue that affects the coming election?

Time (and T-Shirts) will tell…

  1. Not everyone who is opposed to gay marriage goes to the trouble of expressing his or her sentiments via CafePress merchandise. There are a lot more conservatives out here than you might think.

    If I were to make a T-shirt which addressed that subject, I think it might say something like, “What part of free will don’t you understand?” People have control over their thoughts and their actions, the last time I checked. The common “gay defense” consisting of the claim that gays and lesbians are genetically programmed to desire and seek sex with people of the same gender is disingenuous and childishly irresponsible at best.

    If genetic determinism is a valid view with regard to human thought and behavior, then why limit the principle to sexual matters? What makes sexual thoughts and desires any different from other thoughts and desires? Why not say that there’s also a “criminality gene” and that it’s “discriminatory” to hold criminals accountable for their actions, since they just can’t help themselves?

    Imagine what that would do to our criminal justice system, if you dare. Imagine living in a world where there were no courts, prisons or police officers, all of whom had been replaced by people whose job was to persuade us that it was unjust to punish people for committing heinous acts against one another because such people couldn’t help doing what they did. That’s the dangerously slippery slope we’re now on as a result of the popular acceptance of the “genetic defense” for homosexuality.

    Genetic determinism is a lie. Buying into ludicrous arguments based on the idea that people’s thoughts are beyond their ability to control is tantamount to opening a Pandora’s box which has enormous negative ramifications for society.

    Now you see why I haven’t expressed my sentiments via a T-shirt. Some arguments do not lend themselves well to short slogans. But that doesn’t mean they shouldn’t be taken seriously.

  2. Why don’t people allow others to live their own life and choose their own secxuality… It is No Ones Business, what people do on a consentual basis, in the privacy of their own home… We are all supposed to have Freedom of Choic? Yes, I don’t know, but I thought that was what we were told.. Who knows, but it seemed they lied to us on alot os issues… Love to suml, not all, Now… Liive Free people and We have a right to Fight for that… Their is no better pl;ace to be, or feeling in the world… :)

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  4. just my 2 cents, its a good thing Mark-poster number 2, that u arent gay, u wouldnt be able o handle it. as u get up in yrs-im 57. u will realize that in the end it all doesnt matter. we are all children of god. i didnt choose to be gay and it was ine helluva double life until i came out at age 50. i told one of my brothers first-he said he saw the whole world lift from my shoulders. then i came out to rest of family, friends of over 25 yrs, co-workers, and u know–it didnt change their view of me. 7 years later we have the same relationship and in some cases it brought us even closer. there are so many other issues in this world to worry about than what ur neighbor is doing.
    people attitudes ARE changing–my slogan for get out the vote came in second to my surprise. a gay oriented design starts out at a disadvantage because the majority of people would vote 4 a non-gay slogan. thanks in part to the popularity of THE ELLEN SHOW, more of us are out of the closet so to speak and if you saw most of us u would never be able to to our sexual preference. u would be surprized at the amount of men around my age who married because society said homosexuality was wrong back then. now these men are divorced, have kids and grandkids, and most are accepted by their family.
    if i had to live my life over, i wouldnt change a thing except perhaps not keep my real identity a secret for half a century.
    well i guess thats more than 2 cents–

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