The writing on the wall

Graffiti capGraffiti is always an interesting topic to debate: is it art? Is it a form of self-expression? Or is it just vandalism?

There’s an extent to which graffiti – like so many of our t-shirts – might be considered a form of micro-blogging. Graffiti after all has a long history dating back to ancient times, leading us to wonder whether the Kings of Rome and Egypt considered these public works to be an eyesore or simply an expected public testimony. (If some history buff out there has the answer to this question, do please let us know.)

We ran across a video* made in Buenos Aires that, we thought, demonstrated unique self-expression and a clear passion for graffiti as an art form. Let us know what you think.

MUTO a wall-painted animation by BLU from blu on Vimeo.

*(Note: we do have the artist’s permission to share this with you.)

  1. it is nothing but vandalism, we should not promote it, graffiti artists should paint their wall and if thats not not enough or if they already full then they should regraffitite their walls

  2. It’s as simple as this – some is vandalism – simple writing on walls, leaving places looking unattractive. some is true art, using complex layers of coloring, perspective, and other true artistic techniques in the form of murals,etc. There are some really talented people who use aerosol as their medium. These artists should use better venues to display their work, although sometimes a nice looking mural can actually serve to improve the look of a area that is declining.

  3. I think that if art on walls is done in good taste and it appropiate areas.

    I would rather have artistic paintings around my town than old school
    Thank You,

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