Can a thong be wrong?

Election thong

With headlines buzzing over Hillary’s win in Kentucky, it was time to check a random but somewhat fun indicator of socio-political trends here at CafePress. Which is to say that while traditional media will count delegates, we’ll count underwear.

Obama has been leading the thong primary for some time now, with Hillary in second and McCain trailing as a distant third. Stats of today are:

17,500 Obama thongs

6,670 Hillary thongs

1,960 McCain thongs

One interesting note is Obama’s recent groundswell in the boxer primary. Hillary had been leading this all-important race, but as of today we see Obama boxers outnumbering Hillary boxers 7,260 to 13,500. Here we also find McCain as a slightly more impressive third with 2,930.

And if you’re into retro politics, we’ll note that the JFK : Nixon thong battle has Tricky Dick leading Kennedy by almost 20%. One can only wonder whether this particular thong battle would different were it taking place after the 1960 debates

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