As American as starting something

Memorial Day Mug

Happy day-after-Memorial Day, everyone.

For some, Memorial Day is a time for reflection and appreciation for our country and the fallen soldiers that died to protect its freedoms. For others, it’s a time to spend a day with friends and family. And still others are just happy for an extra day to sleep in.

Whatever Memorial Day means to you, most probably agree that your morning cup of coffee tastes that much better on the Tuesday after a 3-day weekend… and truly, that morning cup of Joe is an American tradition and something that many a workplace can’t survive without. (We don’t want to think of what would happen ’round here were there no coffee to keep the crowds satiated – eek!)

So what’s as American as Memorial Day, the three-day weekend, a morning cup of coffee and apple pie? The political process, a’course.

Patriotism and political activism are popular themes in the CafePress system, and with the upcoming election we asked folks out there to share their efforts to start something.

For the photos, we have pundit vs. canine. Hmm… Dennis Prager might win in a debate, but we’ll take Daisy in a tug of war.

Dennis Prager Republican T-shirtLabrador Obama dog t-shirt

One of the more intriguing submissions was this video. And after all, what’s as American as the write-in candidate?

So keep it up, folks. After all, your videos and photos and t-shirts and all the other outlets you choose to express yourselves ensure that your freedom of speech is not just self-evident.

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