Adios, MoFos?

Texas Governor Rick Perry has yet again been reminded that the microphone can be your worst frenemy.  His Austin Tea Party comments have been under fire, as Perry seemed to be threatening a Texas secession from the Union if the Obama administration continues to “thumb their nose at the American people.”

Rick Perry, of course, is the same governor who inspired a generation of T-shirt makers (and YouTube members) when he bid a reporter a less-than-fond farewell with an “Adios, MoFo” back in 2005.  That colorful adieu stemmed from both Perry’s annoyance with the reporter’s comments, as well as an apparent lack of awareness that his mic was still on and the tape was still rolling.  Which is to say that both Rick Perry and Jesse Jackson should perhaps consider using their internal monologues more when they’re anywhere near a microphone or a camera, just to be safe.

Perry’s Tax Day Tea Party statements have fired up his crowd of “patriots,” and they also fired up Texas Democrats.  Calling his words an “attack on our country,” state Rep. Jim Dunnam also noted that Perry’s remarks were “the ultimate anti-American statement.”

that's not what i meant t-shirtHis remarks were delivered to a crowd chanting “Secede,” and despite his very public denouncements of the stimulus package (of which he’s accepting $16.5 billion) and his ringing endorsement of  a recent states’ rights resolution, Perry is now claiming that he was misunderstood and that he wasn’t trying to suggest that Texas might secede.  He then noted that he called America “a great Union.”

Texas Secession isn’t exactly a new topic, but it’s the first time that Rick Perry has er, might accidentally have led people to believe he, you know, maybe totally inadvertently suggested it.  It also may be first time that former gubernatorial challenger Kinky Friedman seems like the conventional candidate.

And so we award Rick Perry a Fantasy T-Wearer Award today, with the “Adios Mofo” Texas T-shirt above.

  1. How sad that a demand for the feds to obey the 10th Amendment and quit trying to control everything would be called the ultimate anti-American statement. And how bizarre that the media would trash people who think the government taxes us too much.

    Only a few decades ago, these were the things everyone could agree on — government is bloated and I’m not getting my money’s worth on April 15. Now, because our president is “historic,” no one is allowed talk about that?

    Dissent is patriotic. Remember that mantra? The crowd was made up of patriots, not “patriots.” Try not to be so liberal with the punctuation next time, “blogger.”

    As for dissolving a union, our gaffe-prone Vice President was actually among those who thought we should chop up Iraq into three separate countries. My, how anti-Iraqi of him. One really has to wonder where he comes down on all this talk about Texas. I guess he’ll have to choose between being an anti-American “patriot” and being an arrogant hypocrite on this one. Tough call.

  2. Hey Ronnie,

    The “patriots” is in quotation marks because it’s a quote. That is in fact the terminology that Rick Perry used to address the crowd, which is mentioned in some of the referenced articles in the post.

    To make it clearer for those who find inherent sarcasm in quotation marks, I’ve linked another article that references it on that section of the post.

    Sometimes a quotation mark is just a quotation mark,


  3. Yes, dissent is patriotic. At least since January 20. Prior to that if you disagreed with Washington’s penchant for bloated budgets and 8 years of runaway spending, you were asked why you hated America.

  4. The Texas Governor you are so quick to make fun of is the same Governor that has led a budget surplus, lower unemployment, and higher job-growth than any other state in the Union.

  5. Rick Perry’s star is rising because he’s trying to reaffirm states rights and he’s standing up to an oppressive regime! This congress at the request of the Obama administration is printing or borrowing trillions of dollars (which will devalue the dollar to nothing)and giving the money to states with strings attached. They want to tell them how to spend it and then once it’s gone, it becomes an unfunded federal mandate that the state has to find a way to fund. This is a clear grab at permanent centralized power for the federal government. It’s only one thing in a long list of unconstitutional things this administration is doing to secure one party rule. The recent homeland security report basically might as well say that anyone who disagrees with this administration is a “Right Wing Extemist” that needs to be watched. It’s really getting frightening and people are slowly coming to realize what’s going on. The tea parties at the core are really about freedom because freedom is truly what’s at stake!

  6. The point being made here that I happen to agree with is that most politicians and public people should watch their mouths in public and that the hypocrisy of politicians is alive and well in the governors mansion of Texas. It’s easy to complain about the governments involvement in the so called economic crisis while taking millions of dollars from the tax payers. A real tea party would be if everyone refused to pay the IRS any money until they recoup what they’ve given to the major corps. This right wing left wing BS is what has hurt our country in the first place and the sooner people realize this the better. Us and Them mentality is sending us in to the hands of our real enemies The Chinese and other countries who are working to bring us down economicly as this is being written. Old enemies die hard! Blog away my friend at last look, this is still a free country and freedom of speech still exists!

  7. I’m not the world’s biggest Rick Perry fan. But the fact that the media, other politicians, and everyday US citizens are showing so much hostility towards the anti-big government movement is really beyond me.

    The fact of the matter is, there is a very big push for states rights going on RIGHT NOW. Gov. Perry’s comments on secession are just the tip of the iceberg. By years end, it is not hard to conceive that over half of the states in the Union will have passed similar bills reasserting their 10th Amendment rights. These bills are being passed in an overwhelmingly bi-partisan manner, that’s a FACT. This has a lot less to do with President Obama and personality, and lot more to do with principle and a long over due cut back on our empire.

  8. On a more serious note, with incumbent Senator Kay Bailey Hutchison declaring that she’s running for reelection to the Senate rather than for Governor, this race is now Perry’s to lose. Another Republican, Carole Keeton Strayhorn (formerly Rylander) thinks she is going to somehow snatch the GOP nomination away from Governor Perry, but it’s just not going to happen.


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  9. Texans have used the call to Secede for generations as a euphemism for “we are fed up”.. or “we are done with this crap now”. It is a sort of battle cry; a call to action. Would we ever really secede? Well, most officials (Perry included) talk in terms of fixing the Nation we have, not leaving it to start a new on (or revive an older one)… though there are many people here who are fast approaching the line in the dirt (e.g. Travis at Alamo)over what is happening. States have sovereign rights, and that was established LONG BEFORE Obama decided he could try to override them. (Not without a fight!) We are “United but we are still individual States. We are NOT under Federal Rule.. there is a HUGE difference! The US Govt. cannot override State authority for any reason it chooses! Perry is brave man and he represents his State and his Country better than most right now.

  10. look i don’t mean to flame bait here but honestly where were all you people clamoring for states’ rights when states started trying to sign into legislation their medical marijuana bills and the feds continually tried to shut it down by claiming it was an ‘inter-state commerce issue’ and raiding state organized dispensaries?

    i’m not talking about the crap-tastic california system, i’m talking about the other dozen states of the union who have clearly shown they want it. personally i think states’ rights are a bipartisan issue that both sides of the spectrum should respect, but more often than not they’re just used as a vehicle for forwarding right-wing values and as soon as state sovereignty allows for things republicans don’t like such as taxed and regulated marijuana, they stop lauding them.

  11. Fair question. Speaking for myself only, I’m all for the states regulating (or deregulating in the case of marijuana) whatever they so choose.

    So many assume that the outrage currently being felt across the country is unfair to President Obama. But for many, this is not (and should not) be about personalities. The people I share with were equally outraged with Bush’s illegal wars as well as his other gigantic expansions of the federal government.

    Maybe its bad luck on the timing, but it seems that the ball we started rolling wayyyy back when (maybe 1913 with the founding of the Fed, but whose counting!) is finally crossing some breaking points.

    I mean, was the American Republic ever meant to function as an empire?

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