Opposites detract

Miss California was allowed to keep her crown today by virtue of the ever-benevolent Donald Trump, who has a history of treating his Miss USA pageant winners with a lot more leniency than his Apprentices.

Carrie Prejean first made headlines when Perez Hilton, celebrity blogger and Miss USA judge, asked her about her stance on gay marriage.  Her response:

“I think it’s great that Americans are able to choose one or the other … same sex marriage or opposite marriage,” then noted, “I believe that marriage should be between a man and a woman … that’s how I was raised.”

beer popcorn catfight t-shirtHer comments infuriated the openly gay Hilton, which led to heated online critique of Prejean, which led to the anti-gay-marriage camp (or pro-opposite marriage, as the case may be) getting vocal and using Prejean’s remarks in advertising, which led to a C&D letter from the Miss Universe Organization, which led to an additional media flurry for both sides of the gay marriage/equal rights/opposite marriage/traditional marriage argument(s).

While Prejean felt that Hilton’s question unfairly cost her the Miss USA title, it was actually semi-nude photos of her that put her Miss California title in jeopardy.  That set of photos was followed by a topless set being discovered, at which point Trump and the Miss USA pageant posse noted that they’d make a final determination as to whether these photos constituted tiara removal.

The answer: nope.  Prejean will retain her tiara for the time being and, one might hope, her clothes.

Given that Miss California Co-Executive Director Shanna Moakler is a former Playboy playmate, perhaps it’s not so surprising that Donald Trump isn’t shocked or offended by the discovery of racy photos having been taken by an aspiring model.  Moakler’s stance on gay marriage, however, is at diametric odds with Prejean’s; Moakler recently appeared in a “NOH8” PSA to support the overturn of California’s Proposition 8, which passed in November.

palin prejean t-shirtWith her tiara intact and an Urban Dictionary entry honoring her unexpected contribution to the American dialect, the future looks somewhat bedazzled for Prejean.  And if she tires of the beauty queen circuit, at least one of our Shopkeepers has an idea for a future career (seen here at left).

Controversy aside, we too bestow an award to Carrie Prejean.  She is the winner of a Fantasy T-Wearer award today, with the “sanctity of opposite marriage” T-shirt above.  May she wear it with pride.  And in lieu of documented toplessness.

UPDATE: Prejean has blamed the topless photos on Mother Nature, noting that the photographs were taken on a windy day which led to a wardrobe malfunction, and that she was “unaware” that the photos were taken.  (You may judge for yourself how unaware she might have been and the wind’s alleged culpability from the photos themselves.)
And so we will award Prejean a second Fantasy T-Wearer Award.  This time we regale her with a button, which can work wonders in keeping clothing from blowing open.  (Caveat: said buttons only serve this purpose on clothing that would close in the first place.)

UPDATE, part deux: Shanna Moakler has resigned her post as the co-executive director of the Miss California pageant.

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