Glam Rock vs. Guitar Hero

Danny Gokey fans were stunned last night when their favorite Idol was eliminated, leaving Kris Allen and Adam Lambert to duke it out (or sing it out, as the case may be) in next week’s finals.

Kris’s placement in the final was called “a big ding dong,” the meaning of which is up for speculation.  Perhaps it means that Kris is knock knock knocking on Adam’s door; perhaps it’s pointing out, as others have noted, that these two performers are at polar opposites in personal and performance style; or maybe it’s a simply a wakeup call for America to pay attention to these two seasoned performers in what some are calling the best Idol matchup to date.
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Although Danny won’t be in the finals, he won’t soon be forgotten by the millions of people who were moved by his voice and his story.  Who they’ll vote for next week, though, is anyone’s guess.

big ding dong

Speaking of guessing…

  1. I Dunno. Don’t get that excited about idol but heard lambert sing two songs. He certainly has charisma but his singing really sucks.

  2. You hit the nail on the head. Charisma yes, screaming yes, singing sucks.

    I want to see Michael Slezak with fushia red hear which he promised to dye if Adam loses.

  3. Last night was Adam’s only weak night since the start of the comp. He was wearing two ear pieces and looked miffed as he yanked them out. He had the backing singer screaming into one ear, the insanely loud band piped in his other so it’s a f-n miracle he managed to even remotely hear himself and stay focused. The sound mixing was last night. He sounded so much better when he took the in-ear out but it was near the end of his perf, shame.

    Look him up singing Whole Lotta Love. Look up his perf of The National Anthem. Look up all his pre-Idol performances, look up his studio recordings. He is a phenomenal vocalist, really incredible and as a true music lover, he’s covered almost every genre that exists changing his voice with ease for every track. His range and passaggio is insane – he meets all ends of his register with ease – low, mid, high and the dozens layered tones inbetween (like only Robert Plant can) but he sounds so cool when he makes use of his lower register as Slash said.

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