kris allen t-shirtsThe shock heard ’round the world: Kris Allen won the American Idol title, and his own look of shock and awe went right along with the soft-spoken humility that fans have noted all season.

operation ding dong kris allen t-shirtsSpeaking of Kris Allen fans, their groovily-named “Operation Ding Dong” illustrated how fans can mobilize and utilize Social Media to connect, coordinate and craft a movement toward putting their favorite crooner in the winner’s circle.  With Kris Allen t-shirts to support such initiatives, fansites like were able to bring likeminded fans together in huge numbers to propel their contestant toward victory.

Big congrats to all the Season 8 Idol contestants, as well as all the fans who got out there and got actively involed in making noise online – as well as, of course, making some great American Idol T-shirts.

  1. Birds flying high, you know how I feel. Stars in the sky, you know how I feel. It’s called slightly disappointed. Why only slightly and not a Grand Canyon pit of despair. One word, Daughtry. So congratulations to Kris, you did a great job. However bring on the man who has the voice of every 80’s hair band put together. Adam Lambert! ( wicked hair t- shirt now on sale)

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