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General Motors’ iconic if inadvertent “What’s Good for GM is Good for the Country” slogan was recently called into question by Ted Koppel during an interview with a GM exec in his “People’s Republic of Capitalism” series.  Koppel was specifically discussing GM’s rampant investment in China, but with the news of GM’s bankruptcy filing the question mark at the end of the classic GM soundbyte is looming ever-larger.
powered by ramen t-shirt
The Chapter 11 filing constitutes the largest industrial bankruptcy filing in American history, and the fourth largest overall.

detroit bailout t-shirtsGM already has $20B in taxpayer money; it wants $30B more.  President Obama says that the government has no interest in running what’s to be a leaner, scaled-down GM, calling their bankrolling participation one of “reluctant shareholders.”  He also noted that “GM and its stakeholders have achieved a viable, achievable plan that will give this iconic American company a chance to rise again.”

anti-hummer t-shirtPart of the viable, achievable plan: ditch Hummer, focus on building hybrids and other more practical cars.  Of course, it didn’t take a fortune teller to predict the demise of consumer demand for oversized, gas-guzzling SUV’s.  If pushing the celebration of fuel consumption during a Middle East war effort seemed like a good idea at the time, perhaps a simple look at the T-shirts 4+ years ago might have been a better cultural barometer to foresee consumer trends.  A simple search for “SUV” vs. “hybrid” show very clearly that, from this end, the voices have always been loudest against the “bigger is better” trend when it comes to the automobile.

And so we award a Fantasy T-Wearer Award today.  May all senior GM executives (with the notable exception of ex-CEO Richard Wagoner, who was recently dismissed but enjoyed aggressive pay increases over the years even as GM lost money) enjoy the “Powered by Ramen” T-shirt, as seen above.  Certainly, wearing that T-shirt will probably go over a lot better than, say, showing up to meetings in a $36M private jet.

  1. I think, Obama is on the right way again, by introducing cars which are good for the environment and your money purse, saving GM this way and thousands of jobs in America, making this country by far less dependable on foreign oil. He really is a politician who thinks far ahead and not just to the next corner, as all his critics do, who should better take off their very dark glasses…

  2. You can tell that the person who wrote this article is still drinking the Obama kool-aid!!Obama DOES NOT know what is best for our country. He is bent on destroying America as we have known it…..destroying our Liberty, Freedoms and Rights!! Obama will be a one term wonder…..people will wonder why they voted for him….

  3. The reason GM is in the dumps in the first place is that the Federal Government in all her wisdom has imposed CAFE standards that force them to build crappy cars that nobody wants like the Cobalt, the Aveo, etc. If they really want to save GM, they need to dump the UAW, and lift the CAFE standards. The market will determine the best way for cars to be built. If you want to make this country less dependent on foreign oil, drill. We have vast untapped reserves in ANWR, and the Bakken that remain untapped despite the Middle East’s stranglehold on our economy. We the People need to wise up and rise up.

  4. If politicians had allowed GM to fail months ago, before billions of tax payer dollars were flushed down the toilet and actual stock holders were told to shut up and go away by Obama’s crew, there could have been a very structured and successful transition for the company. That approach would have prevented a government take over and ownership but that wasn’t the goal was it? Check over 100 slogans at SatireWorks.com that reflect the real concerns of Americans.

  5. So the plan for GM is for it to build exactly the type of cars that it has historically lost money on? At the same time they won’t be allowed to build as many trucks, SUVs, and Cadillacs that people are actually willing to pay enough for that they are profitable. Great strategy.

    The new 2010 Camaro has a waiting list of 30,000 orders. Get your V-8 muscle car before they’re banned. How many are lining up for the Aveo?

    On top of that GM has a new problem. Domestic car buyers are typically conservatives. Many that are disgusted with the bailouts are now vowing never to buy a Government Motors eco-mobile. Ford and American-built foreign brands will get their business. Liberals in general buy foreign cars. How many more billion in taxpayer-funded subsidies will have to be offered up to sell the 21st century Peoples car?

  6. People might want to buy bigger cars, let them. I’ll be laughing my way all the way to the bank with my little craptastic car of awesomeness.

  7. People PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!
    If we tell the truth GM, Ford and Chrysler have NEVER made good cars. I know that’s hard to hear but all you have to do is put a 1980’s foreign vehicle next to an 80’s GM, Ford or Chrysler product. Take a SERIOUS look at them and tell me what the better vehicle is.
    It’s not Obama’s fault that the general public started to buy “the better” vehicle.
    The American car companies went after profits instead of proficiency. I believe we are the best country in the world. We could have built better cars!
    GM, Chrysler and FORD are in their situations because of the CHEVETTE, the K-Car and the PINTO. Honda and Toyota are where they are because of the Accord and the Camry–BETTER CARS!!!!!!!!!
    SUV’s have never made sense. They were huge profit makers for American car companies. The heads of these car companies wouldn’t even drive their own products! They drove BMW’s, Mercedes and Lexus’s…that should tell you something.
    Stop blaming Obama for the greed of the American car companies. We should THANK HIM for finally doing something about it. Obama is moving us into the future.

  8. The sentence, “Of course, it didn’t take a fortune teller to predict the demise of consumer demand for oversized, gas-guzzling SUV’s” is simply not true. The demand for larger vehicles is still far greater than the demand for hybrids primarily because larger cars are safer. GM is going to start making cars, mandated by Obama, that no one wants. In fact, companies selling hybrids today take a financial loss on each car which they make-up with their larger sized lines.

    By the way, a dirty little secret is Wagoner is still on GM’s payroll because the Obama administration can’t decide if he should get his full $20 million pension that he is rightfully owed. It’s all fun and games until Obama targets YOUR industry. And I assure you, it’s only a matter of time before you wind up in his crosshairs.


    First, thank Obama. If anyone knows how perception affects the American public’s action, he does. He knows people are still living in the past. K car? Pinto? Chevette? Come on, people. Have you driven a Chrysler 300? A Chevy Malibu? A Ford Fusion Hybrid that gets better mileage than a Toyota Camry Hybrid? Look, GM and Chrysler’s problem was the fact they got fat and happy on truck and SUVs profits ( which by the way, so did Honda, Toyota, Nissan, Mercedes, etc ) but when the bottom fell out due to a spike in gas prices and the bank debacle ( which everyone seems to forget ) their business structure eroded instantly because they can’t sell smaller cars at the same profits due to all the hundreds of thousands of retirees who leadership organizations from decades ago agreed to fund healthcare until their death. This has nothing to do with the leadership of the Big 3 right now. It has do with sins made by people who are dead and gone.

    I do have to blame the marketing departments and the US Congress and House, though for A ) Not doing a better job of reversing the decade old public perception and B ) Stupidly and irrevocably damaging and reinforcing that perception by dragging the Big 3 CEOs through the mud while freely giving 400% more to the finance industry. The finance industry. The people whose business it is to manage money?!?! And they drag the car companies through the mud? You gotta be freaking kidding me. Its just no coincidence that the two most vocal senators, Richard Dick Shelby of AL and Bob Corker of TN, both happen top have Korean, German, and Japanese auto plants in their states, subsizided by their tax payers to the tune of $150 Billion in tax credits, free land, etc. Which is way more than what GM and Chrysler have received COMBINED.

    Finally, don’t forget that Consumer Reports named Ford quality equal to or higher than Honda and Toyota in the October 2008 issue. That the Fusion Hybrid beat out the Camry and Accord hybird in Car and Driver tests and gets 41MPG versus their 37MPG. The 2010 Ford Mustang interior has been called Audi-quality in materials and manufacturing by several automotive magazines.

    Pinto? You mean from when Nixon was in office. Give me a break. I’ve had more problems with my $35000 Audi than my $5000 used Jeep.

    Look at the truth people. And it will smack you upside you a$$.

  10. Yes, I mean pinto. Because apparently FORD didn’t learn it’s lesson. See “POLICE OFFICER DIES IN FORD CROWN VICTORIA…” Same design flaw as the PINTO!

    Now that the economy “IS” coming back and the car companies are starting to make sense, no one can say that Obama is “ruining” the economy or the country or anything.

    Obama will go down in history as the BEST President we ever had. All this premature criticism of him just makes him look better and better.

    Let’s face it…EVERYTHING this man does is criticized and according to some…doomed to fail…I am now convinced that a lot of the comments that are on these blogs really come down to one thing–RACE.

    This must be what it was like for Jack Johnson–the first black heavy weight champion. No matter how the fight was going and more often than not, he was winning, the all white crowds booed and hissed and insulted him…and all he did was smile at them and punish his opponent even more…
    Obama is doing the same…

    He’s already FIXED the economy. When he changes the health care system and the education system “WE”… “AMERICANS” will once again be the envy of the world.

    America Get over it…Change has come…and change is good…GM, FORD and CHRYSLER…”because of” Obama, will in a few years, be among the best Auto manufacturers in the world.

    The truth is…What’s good for GM (or FORD or Chrysler) “IS” good for the country. Obama knows this.

    These companies “SHOULD” lead by example, they “should” attempt to make the BEST cars in the world! Now…they have that opportunity.


    Jackie changed baseball, baseball is better off!

    Tiger changed golf, golf is much better off because of it!

    Barack Obama is changing the way our government works…

    “WE”, “ALL OF US” will be better off because of it.

    …don’t be afraid of change…

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