Shark bait

The drug trade is a well-known problem across our Mexican border, and we’ve all heard stories of smugglers swallowing balloons, using religious statues (it’s not just a “Lost” plot point), giving coyotes a second job, and otherwise using creative ideas in order to get their wares across the border.

With human body cavities being so small (and so unpleasant as a storage and inspection vessel), it seems that the Mexican drug smugglers have turned to a new, larger and legally-frozen body cavity: the shark.

Yep, the Mexican Navy found an entire ton of cocaine hidden inside frozen shark carcasses.  The sharks were loaded onto a U.S.-bound container ship on the Yucatan Peninsula.  Apparently, the crackdown on the drug trade by the DEA and the Mexican government is leading smugglers to think outside the box (or, in this case, inside the carcass) with their storage vessels.

And so we award Mexico’s Naval Commander Eduardo Villa a congratulatory Fantasy T-Wearer Award today, in honor of this huge bust.  May he enjoy the “Wipe Out Substance Abuse” Shark T-shirt, above.

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