Be afraid. Be very afraid.

panic t-shirt Did you run out and buy paper masks when the swine flu scare hit the headlines? Does every bugbite make you wonder whether you’ve contracted the flesh-eating disease? Do you avoid Australia entirely due to its large population if poisonous flora and fauna? Are you convinced that your neighbors are covert terrorists? Do you plan your vacation around color-coded terror alerts?
swine flu t-shirt
If you answered “yes” to any of these questions, you’ll be happy to know that today is International Panic Day – so if someone you know tells you to relax, you might remind them that panic is appropriate on such an esteemed international holiday.

Speaking of panic, we shall now panic about the fact that our groovy poll decided to blow up. That being the case, we’ll just share the results:

panic poll

So there you have it. Zombies are more reason to panic than the swine flu or the Taliban’s proximity to Pakistan’s nuclear arsenal. In the “other” category, Obama beat out unemployment.

Since people are using today to panic about zombies, we’d like to remind everyone of the ever-useful zombie safety guide made by one of our Shopkeepers.

Be safe out there. If you do panic, just remember tip #2: always aim for high ground. You will be more difficult to eat.

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