Don’t cry for me, Argentina…

mark sanford governor…the truth is I never left you…

South Carolina Governor Mark Sanford can’t sing the same song to his South Carolina citizenry, as the Governor recently went missing for about 7 days.

Sanford most recently made headlines for refusing to accept stimulus package money, due to butting heads with President Obama on its intended use.
mark sanford missing t-shirt

Sanford’s office originally stated that the governor was hiking the Appalachian trail (thus introducing a new and colorful euphemism to the public discourse), then revised to list his travel itinerary as Argentina.

Whether or not Sanford took a hike during his time in Argentina hasn’t been confirmed.  What has been confirmed is his affair with an Argentinian woman, thus engendering the requisite press conference and public apology becoming somewhat commonplace for straying politicians these days.
mark sanford 2012
Sanford, who had been on a short list of potential GOP Presidential candidates for 2012, has not stepped down from office.  He did however make a public apology to his wife and four sons with the assertion that he’d ended the affair and promised to step down as the head of the Republican Governor’s Association.

What the future holds for the South Carolina Governor is unclear, though most agree that his chances for a 2012 Presidential bid are now over.  For our part, we’ll award Mark Sanford a Fantasy T-Wearer Award today, with the “hiking the Appalachian Trail” T-shirt, above.

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