That’s Senator Smalley to you

The embittered Minnesota Senate race between Democrat Al Franken and Republican Norm Coleman has finally been decided in the Minnesota Supreme Court, which definitively declared Al Franken the winner by a 5-0 vote.

al franken t-shirtThe election, which originally showed Coleman ahead by 215 votes, has been subject to a recount which and various legal challenges.  (The recount put Franken ahead by 225.)  Coleman’s main bone of contention presented to the high court was that 4,000 absentee ballots that were ruled invalid should be counted.  Despite the appeal, the court’s ruling noted that “Al Franken received the highest number of votes legally cast,” and that he’s therefore entitled to the election certificate needed to fill the MN Senate seat that’s been sitting vacant since November.

Norm Coleman accepted the Court’s decision and has officially conceded the race, saying that any further challenges would be a detriment to Minnesota’s unity as a state.

Part of the GOP’s concern over this race stemmed from Arlen Specter’s departure.  With Specter as a Democrat and Franken filling Minnesota’s seat, Congress is now a filibuster-proof Democratic majority.  (Well, sort of – Democrats disagree with each other all the time, and assuming that all 60 will vote together is like assuming that a roomful of dog trainers will agree on methodology.)
Kept you waiting t-shirt
And so we award a Fantasy T-Wearer Award to Al Franken today, with the “Sorry to have kept you all waiting” T-shirt, at left.

Wear it wisely, Senator.

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  2. Franken is a POS. It took ACORN’s fraudulent voter registrations and fraudulent votes, a corrupt Secretary of State, and several counties’ DFL partisan election officials to steal the election.

  3. This guy is a joke. He’s made his career making fun of homosexuals and being a buffoon. His two books attack the right but are filled with massive errors that anyone can look up themselves – dont even need the frankenlies website.

    Well, now, mister Air No-Listeners America, your party is in charge now. When your backwards plans don’t work, will you still blame the Republican President with the Democratic House and Senate? Will you STOP your plan for America if it doesnt work? No, you wont. Youll just lie and say you need more time…

  4. No, it’s Senator Franken to you. Right wingers are just upset that someone who actually stands up to and knocks down the BS coming out of the GOP is not in a position of leadership. Sucks to be you, suckers.

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