May the moose be forewarned

In a surprise press conference that created an instantaneous double-entendre of all the “Go, Sarah, Go!” bumper stickers, Sarah Palin shocked the nation when she announced her resignation as Alaska’s Governor, a year and a half before her four-year term ends.  She’ll be succeeded by Lt. Governor Sean Parnell.

In her speech, Palin listed her reason for departure as being one of a higher concern for Alaska and the country.  Noting that her not planning to run for a second term would create an ineffectual “lame-duck” status, Palin also expressed great disdain for the energy and money being spent on the ethics investigations into her office.

run sarah run bumper stickerPalin had been seen as a major Republican hope for the 2012 election.  Her departure, coupled with Mark Sanford’s “hiking the Appalachian trail” debacle, now leaves the GOP without a clear candidate for the next Presidential go-round.

palin moose t-shirtPalin herself has said vaguely that she’ll still be involved in politics in some way.  What that means is unknown; what’s sure is that the woman who inspired a party (and a whole lotta T-shirt designers) is going to have a lot more time on her hands come July 26th.

May that be a warning to you, moose.

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