What would Jesus do?

Working at CafePress means that we see a gozillion funny t-shirts every single day, all created by folks with their own unique take on life.

Seeing so many interesting user-generated products naturally lends itself to thoughts of the “Fantasy Wearer,” particularly during political season.

This week, though, my Fantasy Wearer is Victoria Osteen, wife of mega-preacher Joel Osteen of the Lakewood Church in Houston, Texas.

Mrs. Osteen is in court this week as a defendant in a lawsuit brought by a flight attendant, who claims that Osteen’s churlish behavior on a flight has led to all sorts of detrimental effects to her health and mental state.  Listed in the complaint are: anxiety, hemorrhoids and – perhaps most interestingly – a loss of faith.

Indeed, religious strife can be a real pain in the…

Anyway, with Joel Osteen’s spectacular success – both in his ministry and with his book deals – I can’t help but wish fervently that his wife would wear the above shirt into court.

Now that would make for an interesting closing statement.

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