[Working Title] lives!

Wow, that was a long nap.

So hi! In case you
haven’t noticed, we’re back with the Official
CafePress “[Working Title] Blog” To-Be-Named-Something-Awesome and then Eventually
Relaunched As an Even-More-Awesome Very Official CafePress Blog 2.0!

This is a very long name, so we’re calling it [Working
Title] for now. Here’s why:

1) We want you to help us pick the final name of the blog.

2) This is truly an interim blog. Although that makes it the middle child, it
was decided that naming a blog “JanBlog” after the middle child poster girl
(Jan Brady, a’course) might conjure up scarring childhood memories involving Imogene
Coca as Aunt Jenny.

3) I like punctuation, and any excuse to use the
oft-overlooked [ ] is one I’ll take.

“But Leslie,” you may be asking (because that’s my name and
all), “What’s in store for us with [Working Title] Blog and its replacement?”

The answer: self-expression, conversation and lots of bad

You may in fact notice that the header of this blog breaks
out into a haiku in at least two ways, depending on how you phrase it. Sweet. (If you can figure out more than two ways that make sense, shoot a
comment my way so I can be impressed with your mastery of Japanese prose.)

In any case, we’re back and ready to start some great
conversations. At the heart of CafePress
is that passion that led someone to make or buy a piece of merchandise as a
form of self-expression. This blog will
be themed around those topics. Let’s
bullet point them for ease of memory, and because bullet points look

  • Passion
    • Sidenote: we’re going to invent a better name for this word. Right after we name [Working Title]. Or perhaps concurrently, as they go together. And by “we” I mean “y’all.”
  • Self-expression

So, the first order of business:

Name that blog!

Understanding that CafePress is a platform for passionate
people to express themselves freely, and that both our merchandise and this
blog are about starting conversations and self-expression and your fervent interest
in [insert object of unfettered interest], what do you think we should name the

Post your suggestions here, or email them to me at blog@cafepress.com

After we get some good submissions (and do feel free to
explain the rationale behind your decisions) I’ll put them into a survey and
we’ll tally the results.

LesliebrittadcNote: I’ve already rejected “Shirttales” as being too
self-consciously clever and too merch-focused. “Off the Cuff” has vaguely the same problem, unless you all feel

Anyway, cheers to all of you (that’s me on the right and Community
Superstar Britta on the left) – it’s good to be back.

Let the conversation begin!

Oh – and note the rad little social icon festival. Aren’t they cute, all getting along like that?

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  1. Welcome back! Some title ideas:
    Creative Juices
    CafeXPress, X-Press, CafeExpress, CafeExpressions, ImPRESSionists
    Marsha Marsha Marsha! (just kidding)

  2. How about “Serpee Faq”?

    You might say it’s an acronym for Self-Expression Riddled with Passion Elicits Excellence [Frequently Asked Questions]

    But really it’s CafePress spelled backwards (sorta, mostly, funned up).

  3. Good to see ya’ll up and running again… minus the scissors of course. Can’t wait to read the fabulousness that is CP success :D

  4. Congrats … Y’all are up and runnin’ again!

    I can’t wait for those passionate tidbits to run rampant in wild abandonment throughout the blog! Count me front and center for the heated … ***Excuse me for just a second. Gotta’ check something.***

    Oops, sorrrrrry! Thought this was a different blog (laughs in red-faced embarrassment).

    Uh, uh, it’s nice to see the blog up and running again and I’m sure it will be informative and entertaining. I had some names in mind … but-t-t they were for that other … oh, never mind. Glad your back!

  5. You should name it the Cafepress has a blog? Blog, since this is the first most of us have ever heard of heard of a cafepress blog. I have accidentally clicked on a defunct thing called the cafepress wire. Is that the old blog?

  6. Hey! A cheesy name contest!

    Cafe Mess (okay – maybe not)

    The Cafepress Tea-Table

    Cafe Chatter

    Cafepressure (hurry up with that name)

    Cafepress Corner

    Hey – there’s always “The CafepressBlog”

  7. I’d like to suggest that you name your blog “Print to Fit” or “Print to Fit News”. As I’m sure you know, it’s a riff on “All the News that’s Fit to Print” tied to CafePress’ custom printing.

  8. Pressing Matters
    CafePress Room
    CafePress Pass
    CafePressed and Starched
    CafePressly at Graceland

    Yeah okay.. I can hear the groans all the way down here in the holler.
    :o )

  9. Well, just like everyone else I have a few to suggest. Some are better than others, in my opinion, but just like entering a sweepstakes, the more you enter, the more you of a chance you have at getting picked. Here you go:

    Talking Shop (because that’s what you do, talking about Cafepress and it’s Shops)
    The Plog (Shoplog instead of Weblog)
    The Cafe Press (because, you know, it’s too obvious)
    Cafe Kibitzer (where you can talk amongst y’selves)
    The Gleeful Grumble (something my wife came up with that cracked me up)
    On Your Mark, Get Set, BLOG! (because it denotes the high-speed environment of CafePress, and also because I’m full of hot air…)

    Well, I hope you enjoyed my 6 cents… or at least got through it without damaging too many brain cells.

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