God, Guns, Guts & American Pickup Trucks

Catchy slogan, yes?  We have similar slogans on T-shirts (minus the trucks), but one thing we haven’t thought of is the free-with-purchase offer that Mark Muller of Max Motors in Missouri is offering America (and with that alliteration you’d think it’d be a Muffin or a Magnet, but you’d be very wrong): an AK-47.

Max Motors gave away handguns with purchase last year, but with a poor economy and a goal to dramatically increase their truck sales, they decided to up the ante this year.

Mr. Muller gave a CNN interview about the promotion, in which he makes it amusingly clear that his Second Amendment Rights aren’t about to be trampled on by the press’s part of the First.  Were this a debate, we’d have to give the points to Mr. Muller – who first trips up the anchor on publicly announcing her actual age, then leaves her somewhat at a loss to address the finer points of his position.

The video of the interview is well worth a watch:

defend rights t-shirtAnd so we award a Fantasy T-Wearer Award to Mark Muller of Max Motors today.  May he enjoy the “Defend My Rights” AK-47 T-shirt, at right.

  1. OMG….I filled up at a gas station in Arkansas over the holidays that was giving away a shotgun with a new set of tires.

    Best quote from this video: “Felons buy cars too.” Pure awesomeness.

  2. Great interview!

    So Carol, was that 20 years ago or 30? :)

    “Police carry guns and they get shot.” Carol, does that mean that police should not carry guns?

    If I was in the market for a new truck I’d buy from him. My only criticism of this promotion is that, sticking to his slogan, he should offer an American made rifle instead of an AK-47.

    He should also open a CP shop and to print shirts and stuff with that cool logo he’s got on the building behind him.

  3. I gotta agree with Greg that they should offer an AR-15 or something American.

    BTW, didn’t Peter chop an ear off of Malchus when they came for Jesus. The sword is a weapon. Jesus knew Peter carried a weapon. If so-called self-classified Christians were up on their Bible, they wouldn’t be offended by God and guns at all.

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