Turn your head to the Left and…

…you’re still not getting the votes.

Obama’s $1 trillion health care reform plan is, according to the President, “closer than ever” – but seven Blue Dog Democrats (the fiscal conservatives) aren’t buying it.  House of Representatives Democratic leader Steny Hoyer also noted that there are “concerns” from other parts of the party.

blue dog t-shirtThe Blue Dogs objections stem from not enough reform or cost-cutting.  The GOP has rejected the plan overall, with a catchy slogan from a Republican media strategy memo that’s been repeated verbatim on various news sources and in Michael Steele’s speech at the National Press Club: too much, too fast, too soon.  (This is also the name of a rock band – no word as to whether they’ll be appearing at the next GOP fundraiser as part of Michael Steele’s effort to “hip hop” the Republican party image.)

With Obama lacking support in his own party, a vote by the Energy and Commerce Committee was postponed.  This Committee is the only with jurisdiction over health care that hasn’t finished its audit and rewrite of the bill.

Picture 5healthcare not warfare t-shirtFrom our end the T-shirts show an equally contentious mix of pros and cons, though a quick eyeball seems to indicate that there’s more objection than support for the plan.

Next week is the last that the House is in session before September, so if Obama can’t line up the votes the bill will likely be stalled until the next session.

  1. I love how you guys forget how we got in this mess and call every Democrat a socialist since Carter.
    -The Republican congress and Bush passed Medicare Part D which is going to cost $9 TRILLION+ in the foreseeable future and is a big giveaway to the pharmaceutical companies.

    -Oh yeah, 2 wars. Iraq costing $10 BILLION a month. They lost $16 BILLION nation building and the rest has been given to contractors while Republicans cut VA benefits and pay our soldiers $20K a year.

    -The Patriot ACT….how is that small government working for you? That one cost a pretty penny.

    -No Child Left Behind..how is that small government working for you? That one cost a pretty penny.

    -Habeus Corpus? Look it up. They quietly did away with that one to.

  2. I hope that the American public’s obsession with the rising costs of healthcare is coupled with a tempered view of what the costs of individual healthcare will bring. I suggest that any individual who supports a government-run healthcare plan consider what type of care you would get if the Post Office became their hospital. P.J. O’Rourke famously said, “If you think health care is expensive now, wait until you see what it costs when it’s free.”

  3. I was a Coast Guard Hospital Corpsman stationed at Coast Guard Recruit Training Center, Cape May, NJ.

    Every Monday, new recruits would arrive, and every Tuesday morning, we’d do phsical exams of 70 or 140 guys, depending on whether one or two companies were forming.

    Sickbay occupied both sides of one hallway. We’d close the door between that hallway and the rest of the building. We did an assembly line physical. As 70 guys entered the treatment room, they were told to stand shoulder to shoulder in several ranks. All 70 fit into a corner of the room, because they were so closely placed. Then, I’d walk into the room, looking really stern and mean. I’d say, “SHUT UP AND LISTEN UP! When I give the word, I want you to strip to the waist – from both ends. Put your shoes on the deck and your clothes on top of your shoes. When you’re done, get into the hall in single file, toe to heel, and keep quiet.”

    The line would start at the pharmacy, where recruits would read an eye chart, then the line would thread into an office with a scale, then the recruits would step into a lab and pee into a bottle, and eventually the line would return to the treatment room through its other door. Two doctors stood in the doorway. As each man passed through the door, one doctor would check him for hernias. A doctor, who was about to be released from active duty, said to each man who’d coughed for him, “Remember, this is socialized medicine!”

    One particular day, he stuck his index finger up a young man’s inguinal canal and said, “Cough.” Then he said, “Hmmmm,” and repeated the process. Finally, he turned to the doctor on the other side of the doorway and said, “Martie, this man might have a small hernia on the left side. Could you check?” The other doctor checked twice and said he wasn’t sure. A third doctor was called over from checking for hemorrhoids, and he poked the young man, who coughed two more times.

    Our fourth doctor was finished with his duties and watched the other three doctors conferring. When they motioned him over, he walked over to the man and stuck two fingers into his groin and said, “How long have you had this cough?”

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