Buisness as usual?

With President Obama going on and on about education, it’s easy to wonder whether or not things are really that bad in the public school system.

Well, it would seem that the Wisconsin Department of Transportation has an answer: yess.

Wisconsin’s made national news with a road sign that contains three spelling mistakes, and only one word (“exit”) spelled correctly.  The misspelled words include both towns to which the sign is directing drivers, as well as the word “buisness.”

buisnessbuisness as usual sighAnd so we award a Fantasy T-Wearer Award to David Vieth, Director of the Bureau of Highway Operations for the Wisconsin Department of Transportation – but in this case we’ll regale him with a wall clock for the office.  So may he and his coworkers enjoy the “Buisness as Usual” clock, at right.

  1. Makes you wonder if it was really a mistake. I know quite a few people that would do that on purpose just because they thought it was funny.

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