Boys’ night in

beer summit t-shirtsAmerica loves its protests, and this week gives rise to one of the more niche objection points out there.

In the aftermath of the Great Stupidly Debate, President Obama has extended the proverbial olive branch – only this one’s made of water and hops and is preferably served in a frosty mug.
beer helmet
Yes, Obama has invited both Sgt. James Crowley and Professor Henry Louis Gates, Jr. over to his house for a beer.

A guy inviting two pals over to his house for a beer to settle a squabble isn’t all that unusual, but Obama keeping the guest list short seems to be a point of great fascination.  The media isn’t allowed at this event, and like all kids who didn’t get invited to the cool party they’re now obsessesd with talking about it.  Naming the meeting the 2009 “Beer Summit,” the press unfortunately just has to wait it out to determine important reporting facts like what kind of beer they’ll be drinking (latest reports state Bud Light, which was most likely chosen over Miller Lite to prevent Gates and Crowley from arguing anew over whether it’s less filling or tastes great.  We might have suggested Lagunitas’ Hop Stoopid Ale to serve as a theme-appropriate icebreaker, but it does have more calories), who’s the best at beer pong, and of course which one of them looks best in Obama’s favorite drinking hat.

But the media isn’t the only faction whose input is being ignored by the party planning committee.  Turns out the Baptists aren’t happy, either.

retro lemonade t-shirtRepresentatives from Pray at the Pump are taking time-out from their gas station prayer vigils to join some members of the Rising Sun Baptist Church of Baltimore for a good old-fashioned protest in front of the White House.  Their point of contention: that the Beer Summit involves beer.

Both groups would prefer that the President serve lemonade in order that his display of wanton frothy indulgence not be a bad influence on America’s youth.  Additionally, it may be noted that lemonade might serve a symbolic purpose, what with both Gates and Crowley having been given the proverbial life’s lemons in the past week.

Whether a compromise may be reached by serving Hefeweisen with lemons has, as far as we know, thus far been unexplored.

Update 7/31: with the media pressing their noses up against the virtual glass from several yards away, the beer summit happened with Obama playing mediator.  The President described the conversation as friendly and thoughtful, and noted his hopes that all had drawn a positive lesson from the incident.

  1. I don’t think the problem is beer, but the fact that we have slightly bigger problems than this. He’s not the local police chief, he’s the President. Sounds like he has plenty of time on his hands that he can hold something like this. Aren’t we in a major recession, rumor has it?

  2. Sidesplitters:
    Puleeeze, don’t stop the ONE from having his play time. Yes, we are in a small recession; and this is THE time to keep him from having any more to do with it. I fear that we will not survive the “help” he has already given it. He can use the lessons in how to offer beer to the peons. We real people aren’t in the phalse league of his that doesn’t know a good domestic beer.
    Just open a “cold one” and offer it to me. Don’t need no stinkin’ import status symbol fizz.
    nuf sed

  3. Love that the GOP has gone so off the rocker. Glenn Beck is telling the world that Obama is a racist with a deep seated hatred of white people, and now people are taking the beer summit (one beer in an hour) as evidence that he’s not DOING enough?

    President Bush took a healthy economy and destroyed it. Part of that was $350 billion in tax cuts. Most of which went to the top 1% of wage earners in this country, which was less than half the $726 billion that he WANTED to cut taxes by to stimulate the economy.

    Cutting taxes while you start a war? And you wonder why the economy got even worse?

    That the Right is criticizing Obama for having one working beer in 6 months shows very short memories. Bush Jr. spent 30% of his presidency ON VACATION and especially spent the first portion of his presidency on vacation (pre 9-11). Maybe trying to live up to dad’s 575 days of vacation.

    At least Obama shows up to work!

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