Everyone’s a critic

It was the Russian tourist, in the Salle des Etats, with the mug…

Perhaps it’s all the reality talent shows that has led the everymen to embrace their inner critics.  Fans of “American Idol” know this phenomenon well – the sage nodding during/after a performance, where you look at your TV-watching partner to say things like “she’s pretty pitchy” or “this seems like something I’d see on a cruise ship” or “wow, this should be on his first album.”

Indeed, being an armchair critic (or quarterback) is a great American pasttime, and it would seem that the Russians are moving into the art world with the technique.  Though here we have more a case of an art critic quarterback…
throwing things at lisa mug
A Russian tourist made headlines when she assaulted the Mona Lisa by throwing a mug at the 500-year-old painting.  The Mona Lisa however is protected in a similar manner as the Popemobile, and the mug – not being a suitable weapon to pierce bulletproof glass – left the enigmatic smile of Italy’s most famous pinup girl unscathed.

Everyone loves an Italian GirlDespite our fears that this mug may have been the “Throwing Things at Lisa” mug and what might have followed in the progression (a stein?), the mug has been reported as being terracotta.  Phew.

And so, on behalf of the Mona Lisa and her many fans, we switch our Fantasy T-Wearer Award to a Fantasy Mug Award today, and award it to the nameless Russian art critic with a good arm and a fondness for drinkware.  May the “Everyone loves an Italian Girl” Mona Lisa mug, at left, be used as a gentle and functional reminder of a priceless piece of art, rather than a projectile op ed piece.

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