Yeah, what she said

Supreme Court nominees aren’t usually T-shirt fodder – heck, either are Supreme Court Justices – but Sonia Sotomayor can chalk up another win for breaking the norms.

Her much-debatedwise Latina” remark has become an empowerment slogan for other like-minded ladies, and when folks feel empowered by a catch phrase it’s only a matter of time (very little time, usually) before it makes its way to the ever-flexible canvas of a cotton T-shirt.

The AP covered the pop culture trend today, noting that the appeal of “Wise Latina” T-shirts is partially cultural.  Said one interviewee: “In Hispanic culture, there is such a veneration of the older Latina figure. She represents that.”

So if you’re looking for that perfect gift for your own wise Latina, hey – look no further.  Even if you don’t want to go political, we gotcha covered.

  1. It does exist. The wise latina remark wasn’t a hate based remark. Racist remarks by white males usually are.
    Don’t worry…
    Carry on we will
    : D

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