Now that’s awkward

We’re accustomed to our T-shirts showing up in unexpected places, but this submission by one of our Shopkeepers is a first.

The fine folks at Awkward Family Photos have showcased someone modeling one of our Maternity shirts, and while we might have suggested that this person go with a regular ol’ black T-shirt, hey – to each their own.

Whether this T-shirt was returned for a size exchange is unknown, but we’re finding the question mark to be a rather apt fashion choice.

  1. Are you kidding?? I think this is the most appropriate T-Shirt for that guy ever. People are going to KNOW he has encountered a minor diet malfunction know matter what he puts on in the morning. What’s left to do but add a little humor to things.As if to say “Where did this come from?” LOL

    People certainly can’t be put off by the physicality of this cause that would be hypocritical seeing that a new fast food joint will be opening at a location near them soon! LOL

    I love it! But the real question is, what does Jay-Lo think?

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