Healthcare rocks

Healthcare is the topic du jour these days, and the younger generation is just as affected by the issue as everyone else.  With that in mind, Rock the Vote has launched a T-shirt design contest so that you whippersnappers can sport your support for a better healthcare system.

Rock the Vote also launched their own series of healthcare T-shirts, one of which was designed by artist Andrew W.K. – that design is seen here at right.  So if you’re hot on the issue but not so hot on making your own, no worries.  In this case, you’re covered.

The judges of the design contest are N*E*R*D, Andrew W.K., DJ Skee & Chester French, who will narrow the field down to 5.  At that point the final 5 go to a public vote, and the winner’s design will be featured in the Rock the Vote online shop.

So there you have it: talking about healthcare can be cool.

  1. I thought Rock The Vote was about just getting people aware and out to vote, not deciding what everyone should vote for? I’m disgusted in their contest…

  2. umm, NO, only Socialist do things like this, I guess you want to be told where to live also, and not to be allowed to speak freely anymore ??

  3. I totally disagree with you pushing the website Rock the Vote! If there is to be a contest it by all rights should be through CP and through the marketplace.

    Rock the Vote is associated with ACORN. In my opinion ACORN is a racist organization and should not be associated with.

    I know you are to frightened to allow this letter be posted in your blog.
    Why is Cp not doing the contest?
    Why is it on an Off site location?

    Very discouraged.

  4. Healthcare is just more socialism takeover.

    Everyone who loves the freedom America was known for needs to design and upload anti-Healthcare designs for cafepress products.

  5. Hey Cafe Press, a majority of Americans are against government health care reform according to polls from Rasmussen, CNN, Zogby, and others.

  6. Great Idea. I am never to busy to discuss healthcare issues, my site is totaly about that, I have been in healthcare for 22 years. My brother has Pancreatic cancer. He wanted to go with all natural pathic, but because his insurance did not cover in. He is dying because he refuse to go for radiation/chemo ect. Focusing on natural pathic knowlege, I mean insurance should cover it, natural medicine is Doctor related to.

  7. I agree with Judy. Insurance should cover natural things. Headaches are not a tylenol deficiency. Cancer is not a chemo deficiency. Depression is not a zoloft deficiency…. Actually, if a Doctor prescribes something like Reliv Patented Nutrition (the best), the insurance company has to pay for it. We’ve had many people get life-changing results with their issues, because their Doctor okay’d it. Judy… I’d love to help your brother. I have stories for you. I can also introduce you to other healthcare professionals who’ve found this. There’s a reason I landed on this today. It must be your brother.

  8. On another note.. I would be happy to have government insurance offered. I’m self-employed and don’t have any. Nothing socialist about any of this mess. Just someone trying to give people options. Keep what you have, or here’s another road if you need it. I’m a single-mom of 4. Thank heavens we haven’t been sick in 12 yrs. No reason for “the sky is falling” panic. If glitches are missed, they’ll correct them, just like we all do when we over-look a possible negative. Give the guy a chance. He was handed a bigger mess to clean up than any other president. No body seems to see that part of it. I sure wouldn’t want it.

  9. Here in Australia we have public healthcare for everyone (Medicare) and still many people have private health insurance.
    Having been a poor student, and unemployed for a while, I have really appreciated public healthcare. Now I have private, because I can afford it.
    I don’t know the specifics of the US proposal, but in general terms, public healthcare is a good thing.

  10. Rock the Vote is a very left wing partisan organization.

    As for health insurance, we already have it – it’s called medicare/medicaid and it is a fiasco.

    It’s not the government’s role to pay to take out my kid’s tonsils. That’s my responsibility.

    Obama should be worried about protecting America not who is taking which pill

  11. Doctors don’t have to approve anything. That’s how my mom lost hospice care right before her organs failed and she died at home without pain meds.
    I wish I had the health bennies some of you other people have. My employer takes a cut, the doctors take a cut, the insurance companies take a cut and I still get medical bills in the 5-figure range.
    Good thing it’s just for tests my Dr requested and I’m not actually sick.

  12. WWJDWHC? What would Jesus do with Health Care? Regardless of where you stand in the debate, let’s at least engage everyone in this important discussion. Don’t leave it just for the Hill to decide.

  13. I live in Scotland here we have public healthcare (NHS) if you need to see a doctor, have an operation etc – all free. However, hospitals aren’t great we have problems with dirty wards, understaffing, people being left in corridors, long waiting lists etc. My 9 year old son is severely disabled and we see hospitals quite a bit! Give Obama a chance, we guys are envious of you having him in charge! Read all of his books, seems like a genuine guy. By the way, we are looking to move to US in next few years, any help regarding healthcare costs because of my son would be helpful, would we have any help because he is disabled towards healthcare costs and also benefits? What about health insurance? He doesn’t really get sick, just check-ups on his condition every so often. Any help would be appreciated!

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