A dog’s life

Michael Vick got the go-ahead from the Philadelphia Eagles to play his first game since he was released from prison on federal dogfighting charges.  With starting QB Donovan McNabb out with a cracked rib, Vick may see some field time this Sunday against the Chiefs.  He won’t be the starting QB, but he may be out there.

Since Vick is back in sports, perhaps its only fitting that some of the surviving dogs from his property are doing the sports thing as well.

One of the organizations that evaluated and placed some of Michael Vick’s dogs has had a CafePress shop for years, and their ace trainer (and owner of many Bad Rap T-shirts) Linda adopted one of the Vick dogs.  Audie is seen here at left raising money for the Western States Police Canine Association.  Humans do bike rides and walks for these kinds of causes; dogs, apparently, get wet.  (No canines were harmed during the filming of this fundraiser, but they were perhaps a bit disgruntled at the gratuitous baths.)

When Audie’s not doing his part to make sure his policedog friends have teflon vests (they are officers, after all), he’s practicing to be an agility star.  He’s not making millions of dollars a year, but hey – he’s in it for the sport, not the glory. Ah, the things dogs can teach us.


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