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The debate on healthcare is  raging on despite the President’s vacation, with leading members of the Senate Finance Committee working to come up with a draft that addresses bipartisan concerns.

The healthcare town hall meetings have been what could best be described as lively.  They’ve thus far been filled with contentious debate as well as surprising, random displays of unrelated Amendments.  The “Tea Party” activists have been a fixture at these town halls, having apparently read a Memo to “Rock the Town Halls” which reminds folks to sit in front and yell out early, with “short intermittent shout-outs” serving as disruption throughout.
death panel t-shirts
The newest debate over the so-called “Death Panels” has inspired some interesting T-shirts.  It also inspired an interesting exchange between a Town Hall attendee and Barney Frank, which provided the American public with a dramatic enactment of Godwin’s Law during one particularly energetic town hall in Massachussetts:

On our end, this flavor of back-and forth is what we’re seeing in the T-shirts.  The designs in volume seem to be swaying slightly against the proposed healthcare plans, particularly the so-called “public option,” around which the Obama administration seems to be altering its talking points.  The government plan (called “Obamacare” by the Right) was first stated as necessary to create a competitive market, then more recently de-prioritized by the President as not being the central component of healthcare reform.

What the future holds for the nation’s healthcare is, at the moment, in the hands of the legislators.  What We the People think is summed up in the T-shirts, so if town hall shouting matches give you a headache you can just take a gander:

  1. I truly don’t and probably will NEVER understand how my fellow human beings can actually say that it is wrong to have universal health care. No one-person’s life is more important than another. It disgusts me to no end to see things like: “why should I pay for your health care.”

    I want to see these people who think so selfishly handle a situation where their child or even themselves becomes to ill that they’re in debt because their oh so magical, costly, insurance is denying treatments. Or, maybe die from the denial of said treatments and the lack of money to substantiate themselves.

    Selfish people on this earth. I really truly hope that karma is real and that these individuals, these hypocrites, get to see how it feels to not be cared about. Selfishness is the American way. It allows the big businesses to use us to their advantage. Congratulations to all the zombies who fall for it. You are already dead.

    In the meantime, Health care needs to be universal. Health and the right to quality of life without debt and worry are a fundamental right. Just like water should be free. But, so many of you are conditioned by the lies you hear. Just remember that the same people who are trying to keep health care private (and keep it a business at your expense) are the same people who were saying cigarettes, heroin, and cocaine were safe. Yeah. Those people want your money and you are too shallow to stand up for your fellow human beings.

  2. Annie fails to understand a few things. #1… Universal Healthcare does not mean FREE healthcare… so if you can’t afford health insurance today… chances are you can’t afford Obamacare tomorrow. #2… anytime the Gov runs anything it wastes money… if they run healthcare they will waste a third on admin costs… money that could have stayed in the private sector to help sick people get well… #3… If the Government can’t cover EVERYBODY for EVERYTHING (and even you know they can’t and won’t) then they’re going to have to figure out who gets care and who doesn’t. Do you want the Government making those decisions? No one person’s life is more importan than anothers… OH… you already said that… so why do you want Uncle Sam deciding who comes to the front of the line?

    Nobody (at least not many people) deny healthcare and health insurance need reform… but scrapping the current system in favor of government run (in the ground) healthcare is insane!

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  4. Annie sounds compassionate and misguided.

    Obamacare will kill people. The simple truth is that anti-biotics will start to become obsolete in about 2 years. We currently have only 1 drug to fight Drug resistant staff, and it is because no new antibiotic classes were discovered from 1962-2000 due to economic disincentives.

    We need to exponentially increase drug research now, because only one drug for one bacteria solutions will be usable in the future. ObamaCare will cut funding at this critical point. Obama himself understands this argument and states, “when they say they need money for research, I will bring out my own expert.”

    This is idiocy, 19,000 young Americans are dying every year NOW because of this problem… more than AIDS! These are people going about typical daily activities when infected.

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  6. Yeah the gov health care idea sucks! It’s like socialism! Pretty soon they’ll take over everything.

    Like medicare

    and medicaid

    and the va hospitals

    and social security

    and the post office

    All the things we take for granted and do fairly well. They’ll ruin it all…

    Um… wait. I’ll be back when I re-think this.

  7. Everyone agrees that healthcare costs are too high, but look at it from a business standpoint. Insurance, doctor visits, hospital stays are all expensive,why? lawsuits. My wife and I own a small business with about 5 employees. Our business is considered high risk so we shop insurance every year. We have a good insurance agent and our insurance actually went down this year. We talk to our agent whenever we have a claim, and every time he tells us it costs more to take it to court than to just pay the claim. Insurance companies are businesses too and they pass the cost on to their customers, us,doctors, hospitals, medical equipment companies, band aid suppliers, everyone. There are thousands of suppliers for doctors and hospitals and all of there costs are going up for the same reason. They pass their costs along, and so it goes right down to the guy who makes the screw that holds the leg on the examination table that WILL get sued if someone falls off of that table. That is the main reason costs of almost everything is to high.
    The politicians won’t say this because most of them are lawyers.

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