Play it again, Ben

In a move that’s been widely approved across party lines, President Obama took a vacay break to announce that Ben Bernanke would be reinstated for a second term as Chairman of the Federal Reserve.

Bernanke has been cited as being instrumental in the economic recovery efforts, by both the President and financial analysts, and his reinstatement is viewed as a safe and wise move for both political and economic stability reasons.  For the T-shirt designers ’round these parts, though, Bernanke is synonymous with “bailout” – a trend that started with the $700 billion Paulson/Bush/Bernanke Wall Street bailout of 2008, continued through the auto bailouts, and is still relevant given the Obama stimulus package – which of course included bailouts for Main Street residents in danger of, you know, having to leave Main Street due to impending foreclosures.

Indeed, a look back at the catalogue reminds us that Bernanke was the subject of the “S” word long before Obama showed up to earn like-minded design work.

Given the flavor of the designs about Ben Bernanke, we award a Fantasy T-Wearer Award to him today on behalf of our design community with the “Get out of Debt” card mousepad, at right.

  1. I guess Ben’s a good choice. Outside of Zimbabwe, there probably isn’t anyone else with more experience in printing money. The Fed can continue buying the Treasury’s new debt with formerly non-existent dollars, without any delays that might result from a transition to a new chairman.

    Meanwhile, meet Ben’s new co-worker, the president of the NY AFL-CIO is now chairman of the NY Fed.

  2. “In a move that’s been widely approved across party lines” For good reason. The federal reserve exists to stabilize the US economy.

    Maybe ’round these parts Buzz would have let the US economy freefall into unchecked and previously unknown depths, allow every US company to go bankrupt, give away the car market to the Japanese once and for all, and plenty of other disastrous consequences easily predictable by any economist– be they Democrat or Republican.

    Vote for Buzz! He’ll eliminate Social Security (too socialist) Medicare, Police Departments, Fire departments, Heck, how about the US Military ? It’s the largest budget item in every administration and it’s all taxpayer money. We can just return to a citizen militia (hock-ptooee!) Woo-Hoo! Ron Paul can be your vice pres.

  3. Hey Paul,

    The blog reflects the content trends in the system. The T-shirts are doing the talking.

    If you have an opposing viewpoint to what’s already there, feel free to make your own T-shirt and join the dialogue.



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