Out like a lion

Ted Kennedy passed away this week after a 15-month battle with a malignant brain tumor.  The Lion of the Senate and its second most senior member, Kennedy served 9 terms since 1962.  He’ll be remembered for his thundering, eloquent speeches, his commitment to his ideals, and his service to the American people.

One of Kennedy’s more relevant and lifelong positions: affordable healthcare for all Americans.  His bipartisan appeal is a loss for the healthcare debate, but the memory of his legacy on the issue won’t soon fade.  There’s already talk of the healthcare bill being named after him, with one op ed piece pointing out that, if we’re to do this, “it better not suck.”

And so we pay tribute to Ted Kennedy today, and to his nearly 50 years of public service.

UPDATE 8.27:

We’ve seen some great new designs come through since news broke, so we figured we’d share some more:

  1. I am so profoundly sorry for the loss of the Kennedy family. Ted Kennedy had accomplished so many things for so many people, not merely in Massachusetts, but across the entire Nation.

    He looked out for the people who nobody cared about. The communities who others would exploit, marginalize, and oppress.

  2. His personal life may have been troubled, but then again losing your three older brothers tragically, not to mention his nephew would certainly be a factor. However his service to our country is forever held in gratitude.

  3. Let no one forget that Teddy K got away with murder for forty years, that he offered to aid the KGB by breifing them on how to undermine president Regan “to arm Soviet officials with explanations regarding problems of nuclear disarmament so they may be better prepared and more convincing during appearances in the USA.” Our freedoms were degraded every time this weasel cast a vote in the senate. As Moms Mably said “never say anyting about anyone who’s dead. He’s dead, good!”

  4. He took so much of our hard-earned money and redistributed it to so many people who didn’t deserve it. He exploited people his entire career pitting one race against the other or rich against poor. If the average citizen did half of what he did he/she would be in prison. Legislation sponsored by him has done more harm to this country by way of instilling the entitlement mentality into the American people than any other senator in the history of this nation.

    PLEASE name the healthcare bill after Kennedy so it can die along with him.

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