Not so grand-standing

Joe Wilson might breathe a sigh of relief today, with Kanye West capturing the headlines in this week’s Inappropriate Outburst/Public Apology.

Kanye disrupted the VMA’s – and more specifically, Taylor Swift – by interrupting her acceptance speech for Best Female Video with the sole purpose of telling the world that Beyonce deserved to win.  *Wince*

Beyonce, for her part, looked openly shocked (indeed, her expression brought back memories of Mike Meyers’ reaction when Kanye went on a rant about George Bush and black people during a live Katrina fundraiser).  Beyonce later invited Taylor Swift onstage during her own award for Video of the Year.

With celebrites all a-twitter about the incident, it would seem that those publicly denouncing Kanye in 140 characters or less are almost as big a story as the outburst itself.  And yet, we wonder if the even more pithy canvas of a T-shirt would be somehow more effective in staunching the twitics than Kanye’s ongoing blog apologies.  (He DOES NOT HAVE A F#$%ING TWITTER, after all.)

And so we award a Fantasy T-Wearer Award to Kanye West today.  May he wear the “Apology Loading” T-shirt with introspection.

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