Fans know best…

Fans of the “Twilight” series are marking their calendars for the second film installment, set to hit theaters on November 20th.  And while “New Moon” may not be out yet, but New Moon T-shirts are already going strong as Twi-hards ’round the world prepare themselves for the big day.

Fans know what fans want, and the New Moon merchandise so far is appropriately creative and fun.  While Team Edward T-shirts outnumber the Team Jacob T-shirts at the moment, it’ll be interesting to see whether or not Jacob makes some strides once the movie’s out.  “New Moon” focuses a lot more on Jacob than on Edward (who disappears for a spell – paper cuts can be so annoying), and Taylor Lautner’s sizzling Jacob is sure to bring some vampire fans over to the fuzzy side.

To celebrate the imminent launch of vampire v. werewolf, we’re having a New Moon T-shirt Design Contest.  The contest runs from today through October 13th, and we’re allowing international submissions from Canada, the U.K. and Australia.  We’re giving away 5 $250 AMEX cards and a $100 CafePress Gift Certificate, so if you’ve been procrastinating that perfect Team Jacob design now’s the time to shine.  (Shine, not sparkle.  Sparkling is so 2008.)

And now, just for fun, a sampling of some of the fan-created New Moon designs already locked and loaded:

  1. Hey – so have the winners for this contest been announced yet? I thought that was going to happen Oct. 27th, but didn’t see anything yet. Thanks!

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