Health care goes viral

With all of the debate and questions and confusion surrounding health care reform, the Obama administration has leveraged one of its most effective campaign tools to address the American people: the Internet.

President Obama has released a 4-minute video that covers some of the more questioned points of the reform plan.  The video is on the website as well as YouTube and contains highlights from the speech Obama gave to Congress.  (One highlight not included: Joe Wilson’s now-infamous outburst, father of 30,000 products.)

On our end, the T-shirts tell the story of a heated debate over the health care issue.  In the past few weeks, though,  we’ve seen more products come through that support reform.

Of course, while the T-shirts do give a good overview of the issue, the video does provide a more in-depth look at the bill itself.  And so, without further ado:

  1. Obama and the CBO should get together sometime and compare numbers. Either somebody’s being intellectually dishonest (YOU LIE!) or they haven’t bothered to really crunch the numbers and they are just blowing smoke up our %#&#$!#!. Then the (the White House) uses Rock The Vote via the NEA to push pro ObamaCare designs (illegal)… designed mostly by young people who are at the stage in their life when they can’t imagine ever needing medicare. Attention ObamaCare fans… be careful what you wish for… because there ain’t no such thing as a free lunch and there sure as *$#% is no such thing as free health care.

  2. A good reason to support the “Government Option” is:

    It is fundamentally wrong for someone to profit from another’s suffering.

    What gives these health insurance companies or for that matter anyone in the health care industry the moral right to get rich from a fellow human being’s misfortune or ill health?

    There seems to be a violation of the physician’s “Hippocratic Oath” prevalent in our present system.

    More advanced countries who realized some time ago that profiting from people’s sickness was morally corrupt have been paying the medical profession directly.

    I am happy to see there are a few instances of this beginning to happen here.

    I am not anti – capitalist and I am sure there are many who would regard this philosophy as “Anti – Capitalist”.

    But it is self evident that there are just some things that do not belong in the Capitalist System.

    And healthcare is one of them.

  3. There are many questions to which we have no answer to but a good idea. Consider the connection between everything that is and has ever been.

    For if there is a grand scheme to everything that we are all part of, the proof of it will mean that we must take greater responsibility for all of our actions.

    We must widen our perspectives to appreciate and correctly measure what reactions any actions will have.

    There is a deep desire for change among the people of the world.

    However, this desire does not seem to be shared by those that have power over the entire world.

    Those in power and those that are struggling and questioning, desire different changes.

    It seems the economic balance of the world is shifting from commodities and labor to, information and science.

    In this change the balance of income also shifts and it seems the only changes those in power want are to secure their income.

    The unfortunate, sad and almost evil result of those in power miss-prioritizing change is, the people who have nothing and pay everything are suffering and dying every day, in horrible, sad, unspeakable ways.

    The change that these people desire is only for the TRUTH.

    Fossil fuels that we use for decoration, energy and plastics, were created by the biological waste left by prehistoric life and pressure cooked, with in the earth, to become oil and such. If there is a connection between everything and every one, then it means that we have been able to get to where we are only because of the millions of years that dinosaurs roamed the earth in giant prehistoric jungles, only to become our fossil fuels.

    We are defiantly making progress as humans, yet greed and corruption hold us all back, and while we delay people die and children cry.

    Who remembers president Bush? Do you also remember fearing to hear the next word to come from his mouth? If America did not learn from president Bush that the presidency was more a figure head than anything else now, than maybe it will take the czar of war to take control.

    We ask for the truth, we vote for change to the truth, and we are still lied to.

    The war continues, the dollar continues to plummet, and people are still losing faith in the U.S.A!

    Wrong is always wrong, right always is right.

    The America I know is becoming more and more like the King George’s England our fore fathers warred with for freedom!

    Already our beautiful country has seen a frightful civil war, which almost tore us all inside out, will it follow in the foot steps of our older sister countries

    and fall into revolt?

    We not only have our own individual strengths, but the strength of all those from all of history who ever cried for the truth!

    We can see the past and set our future; now more than ever, we risk all of life as we know it, for where else is it, and when have we ever been stronger than as 1?

    If I were able to talk with the president of our country, what else could I say except;

    Mr. President, I understand you when you tell us that you have allot on your plate. Please understand the people of this country are willing and able to help solve the problems staining our future. Please help us to build a beautiful country that every one loves and respects again. Use our accumulated understanding of our place in the ecosystem to make a world that gives back as much as it takes. Use our tax money to create gardens of fruit trees along city streets, for even the poor need to eat. Show us how to build incredible structures to prevent death and destruction from storms and the unquestionable. Take us in to outer space so that at the very least, we can preserve ……life.

    Lead us into a future of no lies, the previous administration built a military unrivaled in the world, we have nothing to fear except what we do to our selves.

    While we stall in the doldrums of lies, the entire world passes us by.

    Let us not pretend to be happy, Let us choose to give life a future, to be happy!


  4. Wow Kevin… your comment is really scary.

    You say: “What gives these health insurance companies or for that matter anyone in the health care indsutry the moral right to get rich from a fellow human being’s misfortune of ill health?”

    So doctors aren’t supposed to get rich? Okay… you’re in charge… how much would you “allow” doctors to make? The guy who sells surgical equipment to the hospital? How much would you “allow” him to make. Hey! Forget about health care. How ’bout the mechanic who makes $400 everytime your “check engine” light goes on. How much would you “allow” him to earn? And why stop there? Is it fair for a farmer to make money selling food that everybody needs to stay alive. How much do you allow formers to make? Is it fair for McDonalds to charge 99-cents for a McDouble when I’m hungry and don’t have any cash on hand? Is it fair for my landy lady to charge me rent when I really need a place to sleep and stay out of the cold? I hope you are just young and confused… and will figure stuff out as you learn more about free markets.

  5. I guess the cure for the world and the CHANGE all the liberal’s think they want in the world would be for the ruler of the WORLD to be that guy obama (notice the non capitalized beginning of the name) He doesn’t deserve the respect as a Noun…

    As the kids of the world are being indoctrinated remember this Liberals… There’s your CHANGE!

  6. omg so great a plan.. that obama,michelle,congress,the senators & there families are EXEMPT on page 114 line 22 the truth is in print…yea its really scary

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