Saving the boobs

Breast Cancer Awareness Month is October, and with it coming up we’re seeing a lot of great new breast cancer designs come through on the subject.  Everything from funny to serious to hip and edgy would indicate that breast cancer is, most definitely, something that affects women (and men!) from all walks of life.

We’re accustomed to the edgy when it comes to breast cancer.  In fact, cancer in general spawns a lot of edgy content; the trend with cancer T-shirts has a lot less to do about being a “victim” and a lot more to do with kicking cancer’s a$$.  That being the case, it’s pretty hard to surprise us with breast cancer awareness art – but it would seem that some television viewers (and CNN anchors) aren’t so initiated:

We have our own video on the subject, and while there’s a lot less… er, focus… on the actual subject at hand (the boobs, not the cancer), we find this story of one woman’s cure campaign to be inspired, inspiring and just downright nice to hear.

Lisa Spodak’s Story from CafePress on Vimeo.

Remember: joining the cure can be as easy as putting one foot in front of the other.  Oh, and designing some cool T-shirts.

  1. I REALLY like the message on the shirt, But I’d like 2 see it in a different color so that Guys who have know or lost someone. Can show their support as well. I lost a GOOD freind of mine & would be MORE THAN happy to purchase & wear a shirt that supported the awarness as well as the research. Finding a cure would be AWESOME.

  2. I was surprised not to see our pink and blue Breast Cancer ribbon design in the October promo.

    Men do contract and die from breast cancer too yet the Koman Foundation has been unresponsive for three years in adding blue to the ribbon so we did it. People like it!

    It’s one of hundreds of designs at

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